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Chlorine vs Salt Water Pools



When it comes to the swimming pool process, the last step before the pool can be enjoyed is of course, adding the water. There are a few pros and cons to consider and it’s best to be educated on what is best for you, your family, and lifestyle. Talking to a swimming pool professional throughout the process will be beneficial in the long run.

Chlorine has always been the popular choice for pools, since the 1900s, due to its lower cost and sanitary factors. Chlorine is great for fighting off bacteria and algae in the water. Chlorine pools do however, require upkeep and maintenance to insure the chemical levels are always balanced and at the right pH levels. Shock treatments are also required monthly to get rid of excess bacteria.

While the initial cost of a saltwater pool is higher and a bigger expense to install, after that, no additional chlorine is ever needed for purchase. Salt will create the chlorine on its own. The salt content in a saltwater pool is about the same as the salt content in the human body, which is helpful as it does not harm any pool equipment. With no toxic chemicals to buy, store and handle, there is also no harsh stinging of the eyes and no chlorine smell. The saltwater system also required lower maintenance.

While the cost upfront is greater with saltwater, it does save homeowners money overtime. Pool Professionals are noticing a newer trend of homeowners opting for saltwater pools more and more each year. Be sure to consult with a pool professional for what water type would be best suited for you and your lifestyle.

Pool Trends & Technology Tranquility Pools, Inc.

Pool Trends & Technology



In today’s world, technology seems to keep progressing quicker  than anyone can keep up. Everything from the newest versions  of cell phones, laptops, televisions and cars, to advances in the  internet and advertising, or even just the latest iPhone app, each  day seems to bring new developments and popular trends to  follow.

It is no different for the pool and pool landscaping industry as  well. Imagine a summer evening, leaving work, heading home  and being to turn on your spa, pool lights and adjust the water  temperature all from your cell phone.  Everything is ready for you  to enjoy the moment you arrive home. These are no longer just  imaginary scenarios but rather, becoming more and more  commonplace for homeowners.

Everything is as easy as a touch of a button today. Sending an  email, replying to a text, using touch screen phones and using  voice commands have become natural in our day to day  routines. Advances in pool technology have adapted in the same  way. Controlling your own spa and pool system, lighting and  temperature controls and even outdoor music systems can all  be as simple as a push of a button.

Across the North East region, the entire idea of pools has vastly expanded. Rather than a simple, basic pool, homeowners are now opting for more intricate designs, and creating an entire outdoor oasis within the confines of their own backyard. With a talented landscape architect, a creative vision, and an experienced installation crew, the possibilities for design are entirely unlimited.

Many pool style trends have shifted to include more glass tiles and the use of all natural stones. The planting of Palm Trees is now a common development, and helps to transform a New Jersey swimming pool by giving it a much more tropical feel.

The use of diving boards in the past has evolved into using diving rocks and including a spa like setup, complete with beach entry sundecks. Pools have become more user-friendly, and with water not as deep they allow for more recreational use and sports.

A pool in essence, is the start to creating an entirely new outdoor living space to your home.  The addition of patios, outdoor fire pits, barbeques, bars, kitchens, and televisions, is a popular New Jersey trend that is spreading quickly. Poolside additions are a vital factor to consider in planning your backyard.  All these outdoors additions transform your pool to become more than something for swimming, but rather an entire new outdoor room for your family and friends to utilize and enjoy.