Get Quality NJ Pool Landscaping for Country Club-like Luxury at Home Tranquility Pools, Inc.

Get Quality NJ Pool Landscaping for Country Club-like Luxury at Home


An almost century-old country club in New Jersey is taking big steps to embrace the modern world and gear up for next year’s summer fun. Shackamaxon Country Club in Scotch Plains has recently begun building a luxurious pool complex to complement its golf course and ballroom, in the hopes of making it a popular choice for special events in Union County.

As reported in

Slated to open in the summer of 2015, the expansive pool facility will be an impressive complement to the array of first-class amenities available at Shackamaxon that include a classic A.W. Tillinghast-designed golf course, al fresco and casual dining, a fully stocked pro shop and meeting/banquet facilities that accommodate up to 300 guests.

The centerpiece of the complex will be a resort-style, 25-meter main pool surrounded by a sprawling deck. The pool deck will also boast a separate adult pool with an in-water lounge and waterfall, a swim up/walk up bar for those craving a cool summer cocktail or non-alcoholic smoothie, a spa pool with “pod” seating, a children’s pool with water features, a snack bar/grill and locker rooms.

The project is undoubtedly ambitious and pricey, as club officials also intend to make the facility as welcoming and family-oriented as possible. Homeowners who wish to have the same ambiance with their own pool facilities can look to the Shack’s current project for inspiration.

NJ residents may not have a large golf course or a classy ballroom, but they can have impressive landscaping around their pool to transform their yards into something special. A renowned NJ pool company like Tranquility Pool Inc. that also provides landscaping services can come up with a harmonious design to achieve personalized luxury in a home.

To ensure the best possible outcome, homeowners must work closely with these professionals. For example, they need to express their preferences in the selection of trees and other foliage to be planted around their home. Having a tree surgeon come out and trim your trees can also make your home look better.

Fruit-bearing trees aren’t suited as swimming pool decorations, because they regularly shed leaves, fruits, and flowers, which can get into the pool. Flowers should also be chosen carefully, because many of them, like Wisteria and Sweet Clovers, attract bees. Options become even more limited if the water in the pool contains salt and chlorine, as these can damage most plants.

Likewise, the design of the pool itself is very important because inground pools, like the beautiful NJ concrete pools built by Tranquility, have more landscaping surface than above-ground pools. Homeowners with above-ground pools may have to build an adjacent, elevated deck just to house their pool ornaments. All things considered, however, nothing spells private home luxury more than a wonderfully landscaped inground pool.


(Source: Shackamaxon Country Club in Scotch Plains begins construction on pool complex,, August 26, 2014)

Building of NJ Inground Swimming Pool Requires Skills of Lighting Pros Tranquility Pools, Inc.

Building of NJ Inground Swimming Pool Requires Skills of Lighting Pros


Constructing an inground pool for your New Jersey home doesn’t just involve massive excavation work, plumbing, a powerful motor (and a quiet sump pump check valve); it also requires the installation of lighting fixtures and their necessary electrical systems. As a guide for homeowners, Pool Pricer contributor Mat Jobe gives several pointers in choosing the best pool lights; giving attention to each type’s pros and cons. For the most part, the bottom line is to choose between LED and fiber optic lights.

While the choice is ultimately your call, based on your preference, it wouldn’t hurt to consult with a reliable company that has a long history of building NJ inground swimming pools, such as Tranquility Pools Inc. The most credible sources are those that know what it takes not only to build just any backyard swimming pool, but luxury pools and spas in every shape and design. Experience tells them that swimming pools ultimately serve different purposes, and thus each one needs specific types of lighting fixtures.

Light-emitting diodes or LEDs are usually preferred by pool builders because they’re energy-efficient, reasonably durable, and have excellent brightness. This is coupled with the fact that LEDs typically last between 7 and 15 years with little maintenance, making them the most cost-effective choice.

That said, fiber optic lights are actually easier to maintain because they’re installed in a dry box above the waterline. In addition, fiber optic lights are safer for your pool since all of their components are located in a separate illuminator box. Likewise, as Jobe says, if you want your pool to be flashy, you’re better off with fiber optic lights.

The choice basically boils down to your own tastes and preferences. However, one thing that you shouldn’t be subjective about is the electrical system needed to power your pool lights; as well as your pumps, filters, and heaters. You’re required to follow the rules indicated in the National Electric Code, such as placing your pool equipment at least five feet away from the water. You also need to take into account New Jersey’s own Electric Code, which requires you to take certain steps to protect your electrical system from potentially dangerous pool chemicals.

In view of these, you will do well to defer to an NJ inground swimming pool company, which employs licensed technicians specifically for this matter. Given just how complex pool lighting and electrical systems can be, the job is better left in the hands of the pros.


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Above Ground vs. Inground Pool in NJ: Factors that You Should Consider Tranquility Pools, Inc.

Above Ground vs. Inground Pool in NJ: Factors that You Should Consider


Installing a swimming pool can certainly add value to a home, not only by potentially improving its resale price, but also by enhancing residents’ entertainment, health, and well-being. Before homeowners in the Garden State start calling their contractors and dig ditches in their backyards, however, they should determine what kind of pool they want to have.

They can choose from two pool types: inground and above ground. Inground pools are, as the name suggests, built in the ground. They are the more popular NJ pools, and often come with a nice deck or patio.

Above-ground pools, on the other hand, do not require as much landscaping and are usually more economical. According to an article in Pool Pricer, most above-ground pools are more affordable than inground pools, but in terms of property appraisals, an inground pool adds more value. In fact, as the article states, an above ground pool can actually reduce the value of a property, as there are many who find it an eyesore.

Homeowners in New Jersey who want to spruce up their homes with an inground pool can call on reliable contractors which specialize in NJ inground pool construction. These pool experts can not only provide excellent planning and workmanship, but also pool design services. These are very important for homeowners who want to get the most out of their pools.

Above ground pools may provide the same utility that inground pools do, but the aesthetics of the latter give them the definite edge. Inground pools look more natural, and when complemented with a well thought out landscaping, can turn any home into one that’s extraordinary.

In addition to this, inground pools are also more durable, and can resist strong storms better than above ground ones. Both require basically the same upkeep, but above ground pools are more prone to damages because of their construction. Inground pools may also need occasional fixes, but a good maintenance routine can prevent the need for major repairs.

Inground pools are permanent fixtures. Unlike their aboveground counterparts, they cannot simply be dismantled when the owners have outgrown the need for them. However, a beautifully designed and constructed inground pool that’s well maintained can bring satisfaction for many years. Its value goes beyond the practical purpose of a pool, and spreads into promoting a better lifestyle and improved well-being.


(Source: Above Ground vs Inground: It’s Not Just About Cost, Pool Pricer, August 23, 2014)

A Look at Why Swimming Pools in NJ Should Have Beautiful Landscaping Tranquility Pools, Inc.

A Look at Why Swimming Pools in NJ Should Have Beautiful Landscaping


If you are among one of the people, who has been or are attending swimming classes for a while now, then kudos to you, as are adding an additional skillset to your existing ones which can only bring positivity to your life. A swimming pool can technically be described as a body of water contained in an artificial basin that has either a uniform or varying depth. While there is nothing wrong with this definition, it leaves out the importance of a surrounding landscape.

Many people dismiss a swimming pool’s landscape because they believe that simple borders separating the pool from other parts of the home is sufficient. Others are hesitant to get into landscaping as they are not confident about their design abilities. Unfortunately, these pool owners are missing out on the chance to create a relaxing and soothing ambience in their premises.

Pool landscaping can bring significant changes to a home’s aesthetic so it has to be treated as a major undertaking. As an article in home improvement online resource Home x Garden says:

Swimming pool landscaping design requires planning for the backyard addition. When you are getting the right design for the landscaping you create an oasis for the swimming pool that is more enjoyable.

Landscaping means a task that changes the visible features of land area. You’ll probably find thousands of landscaping ideas which include changes in living elements like land forms, plants and creatures, structures, water bodies, fences, lightning conditions, buildings, and so forth. Pool landscaping is an excellent way to gather your family outdoors and increase aesthetic value of your home.

As the Garden State, New Jersey boasts of lush flora and fauna, which give residents a respite from their busy and dynamic lifestyles. This is something that pool owners in the state may want to incorporate in their own homes through beautifully designed pool landscaping. Companies like Tranquility Pools, Inc., which provide excellent NJ swimming pool design and construction services, can do wonders in transforming a simple pool into one’s own paradise.

These professionals can add character to a pool area by installing natural rock formations, vivid vegetation, and sleek and modern tile placements that would accent the pool even more. The addition of structures like gazebos and patios can transform pool sides into an outdoor living area where one can simply lounge and relax, as well as serve as a place for swimmers to change their clothes and place their towels.

NJ swimming pools should reflect their owners’ idea of the perfect getaway. As such, having a nicely built swimming pool along with a matching landscape will give homeowners the chance to momentarily escape the frantic pace of everyday life, without having to travel far.


Source: (Swimming Pool Landscape Ideas, Home x Garden)

Noted NJ Pool Builders Use Soil Testing to Design Long-lasting Pools Tranquility Pools, Inc.

Noted NJ Pool Builders Use Soil Testing to Design Long-lasting Pools


NJ pool construction doesn’t start without testing the soil first. This is an important step to avoid future major damages in your pool.

An article by engineer Neil Anderson in the pool industry resource Aqua Magazine discusses the various soil-related problems that may be encountered without proper soil evaluation and management.

The ground at a potential pool site can be a mix of various materials like soil, clay, and rock, and a soil test will tell builders the composition of the ground. This information will then determine the suitability of the ground for pool construction; and would also be used in designing the pool to be built.

Keep in mind that, when the pool is built, the soil will exert its own force against it. Without the proper specs, the pool wall may leak, crack, lift, or collapse. If the site is a bedrock, builders may need to break up the rock to provide a stable base.

If the site is all-soil or part-soil, building a pool shouldn’t be much of a problem if the soil hasn’t been disturbed. Otherwise, builders will have to create what’s called an engineered fill, which is a wafer of geotextiles and polymer membranes, for structural support.

Expansive clay soil is another problem. This soil type can swell when there is too much moisture, or shrink when it is too dry. This could cause a concrete deck to heave, or rise. To maintain pool integrity, the clay soil is often pre-saturated, or subjected to ample amount of moisture so that it can resist future moisture absorption or loss, and the eventual swelling and shrinking.

Another problem, very common in the chilly north, is frost heave. This can happen when the temperature is consistently freezing, and the soil around the pool absorbs too much moisture. Builders must design the pool to have excellent drainage and prevent the accumulation of moisture, which could freeze and cause the pool floor and wall to heave. Other solutions include installing a locking collar, to help weigh down the pool and prevent it from heaving.

There are plenty of factors that pool builders consider regarding soil quality. This is one reason why you need professional NJ pool construction services like those offered by Tranquility Pools. They have the right equipment and expertise to conduct soil tests and assess the resulting data, which will help ensure your pool will last and give you worry-free enjoyment for a long time.  


(Source: Understanding Soils, Aqua Magazine)

Beautiful NJ Pools: Enjoying Their Benefits While Conserving Water Tranquility Pools, Inc.

Beautiful NJ Pools: Enjoying Their Benefits While Conserving Water


New Jersey pool owners, take heart: pools do not consume as much water as originally believed, and thus have little negative effect on a community’s water supply.

This was found in analyses made by several water districts in drought-stricken California. While the dismal water supply situation in that state is a far cry from that of New Jersey, where only a few counties are said to have below normal streamflow, it is understandable if some NJ families feel a twang of guilt over having a pool in their backyard.

A report by Matt Evans in the LA Times, however, should put the mind of pool owners everywhere at ease.

Analyses by various water districts, along with scientific studies, conclude that pools and their surrounding hardscapes use about the same amount of water as a lawn of the same size. Over time, pools might even use less water.

Owning a pool is a dream of many homeowners, as a pool is something that offers a family priceless moments of bonding and relaxation. Pools also have many health benefits—swimming, after all, is one of the best exercises to engage in. More than this, just being in the water can help relieve stress and anxiety, and thus enhance mental health, particularly when a pool comes with great landscaping.

Regardless, conserving water is always a good idea, both for its long term benefits and short term ones, like keeping a tight rein on water bills. Owners of pools in NJ can consider the following ideas on conserving water while having a great time around their pools.

Splash Trough

Not only can you create an infinity pool with it, a trough can catch splashes and drain them back to the pool. While traditional troughs are built outside and around the pool, some pool designs incorporate them into the pool wall itself. Make sure to also have a reliable drainage system to recirculate the water.

Pool Covers

Pool covers make a difference even during the worst dry spells. Not only can they keep your pool cool or warm, they can also reduce water loss. Pool covers are commonly made of vinyl, which can last longer under extreme conditions, and some pool covers include ultraviolet inhibitors.


An NJ pool company like Tranquility Pools also offer landscaping services, and for good reason. The sun isn’t the only evaporative power in the scene. Wind can also dry out a pool just as a hairdryer would dry your wet hair. A good landscape design can include strategically placed plants to reduce water-evaporating wind.

(Source: Water agencies are learning pools aren’t a big factor during drought, Los Angeles Times, September 12, 2014)