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Summer Living


This is the busiest time of year in our industry. Summer living was made for pools: A way to create a personal vacation spot right in your own backyard. Homeowners today are looking to create the perfect oasis on their own property. It is a way to invest in a permanent vacation, a place to relax and unwind, and a place to entertain and create summer memories. 

When it comes to creating a swimming pool, making sure your yard is aesthetically pleasing is the goal. A kid friendly pool, a place to entertain guests, or just a summer escape your whole family can enjoy. When deciding on the swimming pool to best suit your summer living goals, it is important to first consider what type of pool it is that you are looking for: A formal pool or an informal pool; a natural pool, or a structured pool. There are also various features that you may want to include such as a waterfall, a Jacuzzi, a water slide, or a diving rock. Deciding on what types of night lighting you may want to use is also something to consider, as well as what furniture and accessories will go best with your swimming pool design. 

Summer Living Outdoor Furniture & Accessories 

There are many ways to customize your backyard space. Beyond just the swimming pool design. Everything else that goes into the design process, helps to bring your individual personality and taste into the project. From colors, materials, textures and accents chosen, to the outdoor rooms created. These decisions and personal touches bring the space to life.

Incorporating outdoor living spaces to your yard helps to tie your pool in with your home seamlessly, while creating an entirely new room for you to enjoy. Choosing summer living patio furniture is a fun way to add color and personality to your outdoor space. Using different colored cushions for chairs, or outdoor couches, is an easy way to switch up the space and bring a new atmosphere to your yard.

Outdoor television technology has come a long way, and have many options to add to a seating area or fixed above an outdoor fireplace. Spending time outdoors becomes even more appealing in the summertime, with your favorite shows or teams streaming out there with you. 

Final touches are in the landscape. It is important to choose the right types of landscape surrounding your pool. It is important to not choose plants that may attract bees or other wildlife. Working with professional landscape architects can help you decide on the necessity and placement of any pool benches, sun decks, swim outs, steps, and where to place the pool in your yard for the ideal sunlight.

Using container gardens, or planters is another easy way to add personal touches and color throughout your front and backyard. These planters can be updated seasonally, to change the look and feel of the summer living space even through the colder winter months. 

If you are interested in creating a new summer living space, or revamping a current one, our team of designers and professional are here to help. Feel free to give us a call to set up a free consultation

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Pool Design Plans


Summertime on the east coast is pool season. It is time for BBQ’s and celebrations, backyard gatherings and making summertime memories. When it comes to creating a beautiful summertime backyard property for your family to enjoy, it starts with pool design plans. A pool becomes the focal point of a backyard, and a well thought out design enhances the outdoor living space. 

A pool in essence, is the start to creating an entirely new outdoor living space to your home.  The addition of patios, outdoor fire pits, barbecues, bars, kitchens, and televisions, is a popular east coast trend that is expanding each year. The overall design of your swimming is the key factor to consider in planning your backyard.  All these outdoors additions transform your pool design plans to become more than something for swimming, but rather an entire new outdoor room for your family and friends to utilize and enjoy.

Customize Your Swimming Pool Design Plans 

Each client is going to be unique and will have different ideas and desires depending on their own taste, nature of the backyard, and what works best in their lifestyle. The important thing to remember is you have the ability to be creative. Standards in pool design plans and functionality has greatly expanded over the past couple years. When it comes to pool designs and plans, there are new advances in design evolving all the time. Across the North East region, the entire idea of pools has vastly expanded. Rather than a simple, basic pool, homeowners are now opting for more intricate designs, and creating an entire outdoor oasis within the confines of their own backyard. Everything from infinity edges, to glass tiles, to saltwater are what homeowners today are gravitating towards today. With a talented landscape architect, a creative vision, and an experienced installation crew, the possibilities for pool design plans are entirely unlimited.

From being able to control your own backyard right from your smart phone, to creating a pool that is more energy efficient, to being able to have an entire outdoor living space and oasis steps outside of your home, these are all beneficial advances and trends to get on board with this season.

Pool design plans are best handled with a licensed professional. You will want to make sure no details are left unseen, and the process to be a smooth one. Pool designs and plans can be a lengthy process, from permitting to paper, to construction to completion. A project this size should not be rushed. Be patient in the planning process. We always encourage our clients to become hands on in the decision making. It is helpful to work with someone you can connect with who shares your vision. It is a true craft bringing a dream vision in your mind, to be transcribed onto paper. 

If you are interested in pool design plans, or would like to meet with one of our designers for a free consultation, please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to helping you bring your dream backyard to life this summer. 

Pool Spring Cleaning – Getting Ready for Summertime Tranquility Pools, Inc.
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Pool Spring Cleaning – Getting Ready for Summertime


As spring arrives and we start to see temperatures on the rise, homeowners across the east coast are spending more time outdoors. As everyone is shaking off the winter blues, there is always an ‘out with the old, in with the new’ feeling this time of year. Homeowners are spring cleaning, starting to tackle home improvement projects, and starting to invest more time in their properties. For homeowners considering adding pools to their home, spring brings a planning and designing stage. For homeowners with swimming pools, there is pool spring cleaning that needs to get done as well.

In order to make sure your swimming pool is ready for summertime, there is spring pool cleaning and a checklist of items that needs to get taken care of during this time of year. 

Pool Spring Cleaning: To-Do Checklist

  • Drain water off of pool cover
  • Removed pool cover/store if needed
  • Restore water level to normal
  • Reconnect pool equipment
  • Remove winter plugs or any winterization plugs
  • Turn system back on
  • Test water chemistry levels
  • Adjust pH balance
  • Brush and vacuum pool
  • Run filtration system
  • Shock the pool to eliminate bacteria 

When it comes to swimming pools, it is important to know there is a lot of spring pool maintenance, and year round maintenance required. Over the winter, a pool’s chemistry changes and will need to get adjusted before being able to enjoy. Water levels will also change, whether they rose or depleted, they will need to be regulated accordingly.  

As part of the spring pool cleaning process, be sure to protect the pool’s tile and coping. It is also a good time of year to activate equipment. You do not need to necessarily wait for the first week of summer to begin this process. Simply removing the cover in the spring many homeowners choose to do, since looking at the water from inside the home is a much more welcoming sight that it being covered all winter long.

The heat does not need to be on during the spring months, since heating the pool when the air is still cold gets very costly. But that does not mean you cannot open it before Memorial Day. However, earlier opening means earlier maintenance, as soon as you open the pool. It is a good idea to allow things to start to open up and get running, and getting an earlier start on balancing chemistry levels, regulating water, and making sure everything is functioning properly. For homeowners with hot tubs, those are able to be enjoyed earlier in the spring and can be heated more efficiently. That is an important thing to keep in mind for those who are currently designing a new pool, hot tubs will allow for more use throughout the seasons. 

If you are interested in building or designing a new inground swimming pool this season, or would like to learn more about the pool spring cleaning process, please feel free to contact us

Inground Swimming Pool Designs Tranquility Pools, Inc.
Inground Swimming Pool Designs

Inground Swimming Pool Designs


Creating Inground Swimming Pool Designs Best for Your Home 

As we enter into the month of February, we begin to inch closer to a new spring season. On the east coast, much of the landscape and pool world feels dormant throughout these freezing days, and frigid months. However, this is the time of year where plans start to get put into motion. Behind the scenes, inground swimming pool builders across the coast are busy making sure new projects will be underway once the ground unfreezes. Permits are being filed, plans are being finalized, schedules are being set, and the wheels are being put into motion.

The process of developing inground swimming pool designs will take time. As all good things do. When a homeowner chooses to invest in a custom creation, there is a longer process involved. Starting in the winter months gives homeowners the advantage of getting a head start. From the initial site visits, to concepts, creating a master plan and permitting, this part alone can take months. Depending on the level of detail and the difficulty of construction levels involved. Most of the time, the design is not only the pool. A patio space is frequently involved in inground swimming pool designs. Everything from sundecks, to diving rocks, to poolside dining with outdoor kitchens and bars, cabanas, outdoor bathrooms, fire pits, the creativity when customizing the best space for your home is truly endless. 

Depending on the needs for your lifestyle, and the budget you are working with, decide on what matters most. Is this space to be used for entertainment? Is it a kid friendly backyard or a private oasis? Is it a luxury space, or a playful one? These big questions will all help to shape the design process from day one. 


Often overlooked, the landscaping is a final presence on the property to tie the project together. Inground swimming pool landscaping is an art form in itself. Depending on your property will determine the landscape it needs. If on a busier street, or close by to neighbors, more screening will be needed surrounded the pool to provide privacy. If wildlife is an issue in your area, choosing plant material that will not attract them to come near the pool is important. Depending on where the shade and sun fall on the property will also determine the best specimens to plant and where to plant them. Working with a skilled team of horticulturists will make sure your investment in inground swimming pool landscaping is not a wasted one. 

Whether large or small inground pool designs, the time and detail to planning is one in the same. The level of craftsmanship involved should not be determined on the size of the job. Start researching now for companies you trust and are compatible with on a creative level. To learn more about the inground swimming pool designs process, or to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our designers, feel free to contact us this winter season. We are here to help bring to life a new outdoor living space for you to enjoy this year. 


Luxury Pool Design Tranquility Pools, Inc.
luxury pool design

Luxury Pool Design


It is a special and dedicated art form, to develop a luxury pool design. The process is a collaborative effort between the site, the homeowner and the designer. The overall goal is for the luxury swimming pool to fit seamlessly onto the property, while complementing the existing landscape and architecture of the home. There is an expert level of craftsmanship required to achieve a true luxury pool design. 

In today’s industry, the levels of creativity are constantly being pushed. Many homeowners are gravitating away from the standard rectangle cookie cutter pool shape, and instead creating custom luxury inground pools

Different Elements of a Luxury Pool Design 

  • Size:
    • Depends on each property and lot restrictions. Whether a large or small size swimming pool, it can still be considered a high end pool when designed properly. 
  • Materials:
    • Chose from high quality materials. Everything from the plaster, to coping, tiles to patio material should be carefully thought out. From glass tiles to marble patio stones, there are many luxury materials to choose from in this stage. 
  • Type:
    • Whether your style preference is natural, modern, geometric, or free-form, the style you choose is a good base in creating the overall design for the pool. Pools can be mimicked to reflect any style choice the homeowner prefers. 
  • Features:
    • Often times less is more. From sundecks, to slides, diving rocks to hot tubs, the features homeowners choose should be beneficial to the overall luxury pool design. As opposed to causing the design to look cluttered or busy. 
  • Attention to Detail
    • A true test of a well designed pool, is always in the details. From hand laid tiles, to fine edges, to infinity designs, the painstaking details create a true luxury pool design. 
  • Balance:
    • The home, landscape and overall feel to the property should all be in harmony. 
  • Aesthetic:
    • But also functional – a pool should not only be beautiful to look at, but it should serve a purpose that is best for the family and home. 
  • Outdoor Space:
    • A true luxury pool design also delivers an overall creation of a new room. In turn, this creates a new lifestyle for the homeowner. No longer is there a need for summer vacations, when the oasis lives right outside your own door. 

It is important to work with a swimming pool designer that the homeowner feels comfortable with. Collaborating is key, and having a deep understanding of the end result is important. While the design process may take awhile, there are many changes that will come along the way. Being able to work together, client and builder, helps to ensure the end result of the luxury pool design is as expected. Take the time to carefully choose materials and colors that complement the existing home and landscape. The pool should look as though it has always belonged in its space, rather than look like an obstruction to the property. 

Winter is a great time to be planning a new luxury pool design. Take this cold season to plan, so that when warm weather arrives, your home will be ready. We look forward to helping you create the backyard oasis of your dreams. Feel free to contact us this winter. 

Swimming Pool Planning During the Winter Tranquility Pools, Inc.
Swimming Pool Planning

Swimming Pool Planning During the Winter


Across the east coast, homeowners are preparing for the winter season. This time of year is spent indoors, keeping warm. The idea of pool plans during the winter months are normally for destination vacations. However, the best advice we can give homeowners is this: use the winter to plan. Turn your backyard into your own destination vacation spot by lending the pool with the aesthetics of some outdoor landscaping, & also by using this downtime to plan ahead. Winter is the perfect time for swimming pool planning. 

For homeowners who would like custom swimming pools in 2018, this winter is the season to plan for it. In order to have a new pool ready by Memorial Day, the swimming pool planning needs to begin months earlier. Often, homeowners wait until the first warm days of spring to think about swimming pools, and at that point, starting the process is late in the game. For many pool companies and swimming pool builders in this area, schedules book up fast and months in advance. Beat the rush by planning ahead, especially during this time of year when things are slower paced. This will help to guarantee a more realistic completion date.

swimming pool builders nj

Swimming pool designs and plans can take months. There are many permits needed and site visits required to begin the swimming pool planning process. Many towns will have weeks to wait to begin any work. Working with a landscape designer or architect is helpful during this time. They will take care of the permit process and timeline of the project. They are there to guide you through the decision making as well as supervising during every step of the construction process. 

Use these cold winter months as a creative advantage to picture what you want your property to look like come summer. When you look outside your back windows, what do you envision being there? Depending on the size of the space, and the budget to spend, a new outdoor space can be created. Lot restrictions will determine residential swimming pool dimensions, as well as additional features such as patios, spas, or outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and bars. There are a ton of factors to consider including into your pool plans.

Swimming Pool Planning – Ideas to Consider

  • Style of swimming pool: modern, luxury, natural
  • Shape of swimming pool: geometric, freeform
  • Materials to use: tiles, plaster, coping, patio
  • Colors and aesthetic of pool design
  • Budget to work within for overall project
  • Safety measures needed: gates, fences, ropes
  • Pool Additions: diving rocks, slides, sundecks, spa, jets
  • Use of space: privacy, family, kid-friendly, entertaining

As is true with most things, careful planning makes perfect. Taking the time to properly plan helps to eliminate errors. Planning for swimming pool takes time. Collaborating with a designer will help to create pool plans that best match your lifestyle and taste. Clients who take the time to plan ahead are the most satisfied during the construction process. Spend this winter creating the backyard space of your dreams. Being involved every step of the way becomes rewarding, as you are watching your plan come to life. 

For additional information on swimming pool planning, or for information on closing your pool for winter, feel free to contact us.