Inground Swimming Pool Designs Tranquility Pools, Inc.
Inground Swimming Pool Designs

Inground Swimming Pool Designs

Creating Inground Swimming Pool Designs Best for Your Home  As we enter into the month of February, we begin to inch closer to a new spring season. On the east coast, much of the landscape and pool world feels dormant throughout these freezing days, and frigid months. However, this is the time of year where […]

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Luxury Pool Design Tranquility Pools, Inc.
luxury pool design

Luxury Pool Design

It is a special and dedicated art form, to develop a luxury pool design. The process is a collaborative effort between the site, the homeowner and the designer. The overall goal is for the luxury swimming pool to fit seamlessly onto the property, while complementing the existing landscape and architecture of the home. There is […]

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Swimming Pool Planning During the Winter Tranquility Pools, Inc.
Swimming Pool Planning

Swimming Pool Planning During the Winter

Across the east coast, homeowners are preparing for the winter season. This time of year is spent indoors, keeping warm. The idea of pool plans during the winter months are normally for destination vacations. However, the best advice we can give homeowners is this: use the winter to plan. Turn your backyard into your own […]

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Commercial Pools Design Tranquility Pools, Inc.
commercial pools design nj ny

Commercial Pools Design

Commercial Pools in the Tri-State Area When it comes to designing commercial pools, in general we are designing a lifestyle. For homeowners and business owners alike, adding a swimming pool is a large investment. It is also a decision to enhance the property and provide a new way of life to enjoy. It increases property […]

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Diving Rocks for Inground Pools Tranquility Pools, Inc.
diving rock for inground pools

Diving Rocks for Inground Pools

Over the past few years, concerns have been raised over the use of diving boards. Between injuries, lawsuits and insurance premiums, many homeowners have been eliminating diving boards from their backyards. For decades, diving boards and swimming pools went hand in hand. For many, childhood memories were full of springing off boards, leaping into the […]

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How to Plan for Landscape Around Pool Area Tranquility Pools, Inc.
landscape around pool

How to Plan for Landscape Around Pool Area

Planning for a swimming pool is a detailed process. For homeowners and business owners alike, there are many stages to go through and decisions to be made from planning through completion. One of the most important things to remember that is often overlooked, is to plan for the landscape around pool from the beginning. Pool […]

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