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How to Plan for Landscape Around Pool Area

July 10th, 2017 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool Design Blog

Planning for a swimming pool is a detailed process. For homeowners and business owners alike, there are many stages to go through and decisions to be made from planning through completion. Take into consideration that if you want your pool to be surrounded by plants and trees you’ll need a tree service company to help you clean it and fix it. One of the most important things to remember that is often overlooked, is to plan for the landscape around pool from the beginning. Pool landscaping is a key component to tying all the elements of your backyard space together. 

A backyard will look incomplete without landscape. Depending on the location of the pool, the climate in your region, and the contrast of sun vs. shade will all help determine the landscape best suited for your project. There are a few important key components to consider in the planning process. From privacy needs to plant material choices. From wildlife in your area, to natural materials used. A proper pool landscaping job will tie the swimming pool, patio, and home seamlessly together. And once one has cogitated a plan, then all they have to do is hand over the plan to a good tree services company and rest assured.

Tips for Properly Planning Your Landscape Around Pool Area

  • Privacy
    • Pool landscaping adds screening around pool from surrounding streets, or neighbors
  • Plant material Choices
    • Should be able to adapt to sunlight or shade depending on location of plantings
  • Mindful to not attract certain animals
    • Depending on your region and the wildlife attracted to your plantings
  • Consider your style choice
    • Garden, desert, modern, lush, simple
  • Install irrigation system
    • Where necessary to ensure everything remains hydrated during the hottest months
  • Tropicals and Palm Trees
    • Popular additions even on the east coast to create a Caribbean vibe
  • Using natural stones
    • Will break up patio, add interest in materials used on the project
  • Adding fountains, fixtures, artwork
    • An easy way to enhance poolside gardens all year round
  • Layers of different plant materials
    • Using various textures and flowers will add depth and colors
  • Landscape should complement style and architecture of home 

There is a ton of planning involved in the swimming pool process. Don’t let the process seem daunting. Working with an architect or designer from the beginning can help streamline the process. Considering how to plan for the landscape around pool area from day one is an important part of the end result. The landscape can enhance the swimming pool design, bringing more color and enhancement to the gardens and property.

Landscape around a pool area helps to provide screening from neighbors or busy streets. It allows for privacy and creates a more intimate setting. For homeowners in busy neighborhoods or main roads, this is important to remember. Ideally, homeowners want their swimming space to be secluded. Adding in colors with an outdoor garden fountain, textures and layers, helps to provide an enclosed environment. Dense landscaping helps eliminate noise. 

Our portfolio shows jobs from the tri-state area, both commercial and residential pool designs. From modern to rustic, natural to luxury, there is a style to suit every unique homeowner. If you are looking to design a new pool with landscape around pool area, or if you are considering enhancing your current property, we are here to help. Let this year be the year your backyard oasis is brought to life. 


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