NJ Pool Fence Laws and Regulations for Your Property Tranquility Pools, Inc.

Deciding to add a swimming pool to your home is a big decision. From the cost involved, the permits and construction stages, working on a design, choosing materials, and the maintenance required, it is a detailed and time consuming process. While there are many custom stages of the process, there are also restrictions and guidelines that need to be followed. Depending on the state you live in, and the town you live in, there will be different rules and regulations that you need to follow. In this state, there are NJ pool fence laws that we need to abide by for all our New Jersey based projects. 

Do I Need a Fence Around Pool?

This is a common question we hear from all our pool clients. And the answer is yes, however, there are options. 

When in comes to New Jersey swimming pool rules, the NJ Law states that a swimming pool must be entirely enclosed by a barrier, a wall, or a fence that is at least 4 feet tall. This rule applies for both above ground and inground swimming pools. With pool fence regulations, you can either surround your entire property, or a smaller fence that encloses only the pool area. But you need to have one of the other in order to build a pool on your property. It is a matter of preference. Some homeowners would like the entire yard enclosed. This is a nice way to fence in your backyard for children or pets, and have a definitive border from neighbors. Other homeowners choose to only fence the pool area, leaving the yard free. This is a personal aesthetic choice. Having a fence around pool, encloses the pool into it’s own area, making it safer to keep kids and pets out of the pool area. 

How to Include NJ Pool Fence Laws into Your Design

Residential swimming pool regulations don’t have to hinder your pool design. In many cases, the addition of a fence to your property increases the value, while giving shape to the design. Plantings against the fence areas can soften the look of the hard wood. Some homeowners choose iron gates for a garden look. It all depends the architecture of your home, your personal style, and the budget you wish to spend. It is important to remember, to budget for a fence during your swimming pool process. This is an item that often gets overlooked and can turn into a larger price item. 

Our architects and designers are available to help with the whole process, from permits and designs, through building and maintaining custom swimming pools and spas. It is important to work with a company that understand the permit process with NJ pool fence laws. 

If you are interested in a new pool design, or want to learn more about New Jersey swimming pool rules, we are here to help. Call us for a free consultation today.  This is a great time of year to start planning, to make sure you will be swimming by the next 2020 pool season. 



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