Custom Pool Builders in and Around NJ

Tranquility Pools is a custom pool builder that provides award winning pool designs and construction. We are a one stop shop for everything you need when planning to add a pool to your home or to your commercial space. Our sister company, Tapestry Landscape Architecture with their licensed landscape architects will initially design the swimming pool and then our custom pool builder team comes in to execute the construction. Once the construction phases are complete, our landscaping division company, Scenic Landscaping, then comes in to take care of all hardscape and landscaping needs surrounding your new custom swimming pool. Having every aspect of your pool project collaborating under one roof is a huge benefit. No outside contractors or companies are needed, from day one to completion our custom pool builder and sister companies support our client and make the addition of a pool or spa a seamless one.


Tranquility Pools, Inc. is an elite custom pool builder firm based in Northern New Jersey. Mitchell Knapp and his team have been in the business of managing, designing and general swimming pool contracting for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to create Utopian escapes within the confines of your own backyard. We promise only professional standards and unparalleled customer service from day one of the project through the final completion. At Tranquility Pools, our entire team will work with you to come up with the perfect swimming pool for your backyard. Every pool is unique and built custom to our client’s needs. Anything you can dream, our custom pool builder team can create. We work with all high quality, energy efficient products that are the best available in the industry. Tranquility Pools understand that the decision to add an inground swimming pool to your yard is a big one. It is also a wonderful investment to add value to your home. Our main goal is to make sure that you are both informed and happy throughout every step of the process. We work with you to meet all your needs and visions.

Awards in the pool industry

  • NESPA 2012 Design Award – Gold
  • NESPA 2012 Design Award – Silver
  • NESPA 2012 Design Award – Bronze
  • NESPA 2012 Award of Merit
  • APSP 2012 Award of Excellence – Concrete Spa
  • APSP 2012 Award of Excellence – Pool and Spa
  • NESPA 2013 Design Award – Merit
  • NESPA 2013 Design Award – Silver
  • NESPA 2013 Design Award – Bronze
  • APSP 2013 Award of Excellence – Concrete Spa
  • APSP 2013 Award of Excellence – Pool and Spa
  • NESPA 2014 Design Award – Gold
  • NESPA 2014 Design Award – Silver
  • NESPA 2014 Design Award – Bronze