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Cleaning Service Miami: Pool Makeover

March 21st, 2019 | By: Heather Knapp | Pool Design Blog

The decision to add a new swimming pool to a property is a popular homeowner decision. Over the last decade, popularity for swimming pool construction has greatly increased. While new pools are the request of many of our clients, many times we are brought in for a pool makeover. For homeowners with existing pools that needs pool renovations or pool remodeling, there are many ways to go about creating and cleaning a new space while preserving what we can of the original.

Say you buy a home with an existing swimming pool. In an ideal world, the pool is perfectly maintained and styled to your liking. Often times, homeowners are overwhelmed at first with a pool and looking for a pool redesign. Whether the original quality of build is not up to standards, or the functionality does not suit your family’s needs, there are pool makeover options available. 

An inground pool remodel can be a big undertaking. Depending on the size of the job, the materials needed and the scope of the construction will determine the cost to remodel a pool as well as the timeline involved. Working with an experienced pool company and a qualified pool designer will help with this process. 

Pool Makeover – Designing Pool Renovations to Fit Your Lifestyle 

Pool remodeling allows homeowners to work with an existing pool, while redesigning a space that better fits their taste. Adding a slide for children to play, adding a rock waterfall to create a point of interest, or getting some patio furniture to provide entertaining and relaxation space. Changing tiles or plaster color are ways to change the color theme of the existing pool. If your preference was a lighter color, or a darker design, there are many materials to choose from. Adding an outdoor kitchen, or outdoor fire feature enhances the pool space as well. Sometimes the makeover is not the pool itself – but the features added around it. Fire pits, fire places, patios, spas and kitchens, all add a new element of life to the pool area, creating a new outdoor living space to enjoy. 

Surrounding pool landscaping is another part of the pool makeover process. Adding planters, adding screening, adding floral options and even palm trees, are ways to liven up the pool area. The ideas are endless when it comes to enhancing and pool remodeling your backyard

If you are interested in remodeling your existing pool, our team of designers and architects are here to help. We send designers out to your property for a free consultation to discuss your options and understand your vision. We work hard to bring these outdoor retreats to life. Your swimming pool and backyard are a big investment. If you are unhappy with your current inground pool, consider a pool makeover. There are small edits available, as well as complete overhauls. With pool season right around the corner, it is time to start the enhancements and changes now, so that you can enjoy your pool remodel this summer.

Feel free to contact us today. 

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