Concrete + Gunite Pool Construction

Tranquility Pools is an inground swimming pool builder that specializes in the design and build of custom concrete pools and gunite pools. Each client is going to be unique and will have different ideas and desires depending on their own taste, nature of the backyard, and what works best in their lifestyle. The important thing to remember is you have the ability to be creative and every aspect of the project is able to be customized. Our licensed architects and designers are experienced in creating concrete pools and spas to best suit any size or style presented to them. Standards in concrete pools and gunite pool designs and functionality has greatly expanded over the past couple years, allowing us room for growth in technology and creativity.

From being able to control your own backyard right from your smartphone, to creating custom gunite pools that are more energy efficient, to being able to have an entire outdoor living space and oasis within steps outside of your home, these are all beneficial advances and trends to get on board with this season. Working with an inground swimming pool builder is the first step in making all of these ideas a reality. We work closely with our clients each step of the way throughout the concrete pool construction process to ensure no detail is missed and front initial design to final installation, the vision is perfectly brought to life.

The area around your new concrete pool addition is another important factor. A custom pool and the property it is built into need to be tied together with a patio, and the appropriate surrounding landscaping. A patio provides a way to tie everything together to the house, without ruining your grass. It provides the area to allow seating, lounging and entertaining. During the concrete pool construction process, the patio space will be built and the pool landscaping to follow. This is another area where personal tastes and lifestyles can be customized to suit the property and homeowner.  

Bars and outdoor kitchens are popular when looking to turn your backyard and new gunite pool area into an entire outdoor living space. Being able to cook dinner outside and enjoy a nighttime swim are wonderful family perks to enjoy in the summertime, and the outdoor bar and patio space is utilized all year long. Tranquility Pools is an experienced inground swimming pool builder that can help bring your concrete pool dream backyard to life.