Luxury Pools

Ever since Tranquility Pools began, our team had a vision of creating luxury pools that be admired and would surpass all creative norms. In the past years, we have designed, installed and maintained award-winning swimming pools and spas throughout the tri-state area. For residential and commercial clients alike, we continue to pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and satisfaction to every new property. We understand that an inground swimming pool is a large investment, and we are here to ensure it is one that will be enjoyed for decades.

The design, execution and maintenance used to create luxury pools is on another level from standard swimming pools. The materials selected, the quality of craftsmanship, and the overall transformation these pools bring to a property is what sets them apart from the rest. For residential homeowners, adding luxury pools to a backyard creates an impressive property and a new outdoor living experience. When done correctly, the swimming pool ties together the home and landscaping, as if it always belonged in that space. There is no limitation on style, size, or structure for creating a luxury pool. Whether it is a Grecian pool, a Roman pool, or an infinity pool, the goal for these luxury pools is to the homeowner and guests to feel totally transcended into a private oasis.

Commercial clients, such as elite country clubs, prestigious hotels and high-end apartment complexes, will also look into building luxury pools for their guests and tenants. This helps to increase property value and cost of living, as well as improve the lifestyle and curb appeal of those who are staying in these buildings. Commercial companies need to work with pool builders who have experience in high quality swimming pool construction. There are tons of liability concerns when building pools for tenants, and no detail or safety precaution can be left unturned. We have had the privilege of designing, building and maintaining luxury pools for country clubs, a rooftop pool for a hotel in NYC, ocean side hotels, and private apartment complexes across the east coast.

Creating the perfect luxury pool for the property depends on many outside factors. The existing architecture, the surrounding landscape, the property restrictions, the lifestyle the pool needs to bring, the amount of people who will get to enjoy it, as well as the outdoor living features that are needed will all weigh into the design process. Working with a team of highly skilled architects, designers and engineers will help assist in the decision making process. Feel free to look through our gallery of luxury pools and we are here when you are ready to bring a personal paradise to your own backyard.