Natural Pools

Designing natural pools for properties is a way of building swimming pools that seamlessly blend into its landscape. The idea is to create a naturalistic pool without disrupting the land and specimens or the architecture of the home. Depending on the existing landscape of your home, many homeowners will choose to include a natural pool design to easily fit into its surroundings. Today, homeowners are gravitating towards natural pools since they are designed to eliminate chemicals, are more eco-friendly, and substitute salt water for chlorine.

Natural Pools – Design Ideas

A natural pool design can be family friendly. Parents gravitate towards this option to provide a chemical free swimming pool for their children and pets. Saltwater swimming pools are becoming the popular choice today, since they can easily replace chlorine and are much healthier for your hair, skin and bodies. In the pool industry today, there are continual advances made to provide safer, and more cost effective options for building inground swimming pools. Choosing saltwater filtration over chlorine, working with sustainable materials, and building with energy efficient equipment are all incorporated into natural pools.

Another important element to focus on with natural pool design is the shape of the pool; such as mimicking a organic lagoon designed swimming pool. Having a free form swimming pool, rather than geometric or traditional, creates a more naturalistic feel to the design and yard. The landscape around the lagoon shaped swimming pool is chosen to best complement the shape, the design, and the existing surrounding materials found on the property. Choosing the right shape, landscape and materials will help to create the organic pools that many homeowners are striving towards today.

A natural pool design blends into its landscape and helps to complement, rather than disrupt the property. Incorporating native boulders is another design technique that embraces the naturalistic feel for a swimming pool. By using native stones, rocks and boulders, homeowners are able to re-purpose materials found on their own property. Creating a waterfall feature out of these stones adds an element of nature, as well as creating a focal point in the backyard. A water feature adds a calming noise that helps to eliminate any background noise. 

If you are considering the addition of a natural pool design to your property, we offer free consultations with one of our designers. We are able to survey the property and existing conditions, to help you best plan and budget for a new swimming pool.