Recreational Pools

While the majority of our client base is residential luxury pools, we do design and construct many commercial recreational pools jobs year after year. For businesses such as hotels, country clubs, golf clubs, or apartment complexes, adding a recreational pool is a worthy investment. The additional outdoor area provides entertainment, hosting and leisure space for clients and guests alike.

When designing recreational pools, the process is the same for our team as working with residential pools. We ensure proper permits, work with the town, survey the property and begin the design stages. We work closely with each business to understand their individual needs and desires for the new swimming pool space. We help determine the size necessary, whether it will be expansive, olympic pools or smaller, more intimate sized pools. Our team of designers and architects help in the selection of materials as well, from tiles to coping to plaster to create the correct style of recreational pool for each establishment.

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Patio space is an essential part of designing recreational pools. For most hotel pools, country club pools, or apartment complex pools, the patio space is where all the guests can congregate and enjoy the pool space. There needs to be ample amount of space on the patio for lounge chairs and tables, proper furniture to match both the lifestyle of the attendees and the style of the building. It is also important to keep in mind when selecting the material for the decking, to take the direct sunlight into consideration. Some stones and pavers will become too hot to use in a commercial space and will be a hassle for clients to enjoy comfortably. Working with an experienced team of builders and designers will ensure the investment is secure by the selection of materials chosen for the swimming pool and patio space.

Our sister company, Scenic Landscaping, is able to assist in the design, installation, and maintenance of the landscaping surrounding these recreational pools. Once the pool and patio space is built, the final pool landscaping is what ultimately ties the space together. For businesses, investing in professional landscaping is imperative. In order to maintain a pristine appearance, and provide proper privacy and screening, landscaping is needed around the pool as well as the entire property. Together, our team of companies is able to provide unparalleled professionalism and service to our commercial clients. From start to finish we are there to ensure no detail is left behind; we are committed to turning these initial investments into valuable assets for our business clients for many years to come.