Custom swimming pool entertaining areas with TV and lounge seating

Swimming Pool Entertaining Areas

December 29th, 2016 | By: Heather Knapp | Outdoor Living

For homeowners and business owners alike, the addition of a swimming pool to their property is a big decision. It must make sense monetarily. There are times where a swimming pool adds value to a home and others where it becomes a money pit for the property. A swimming pool is an investment that adds a new lifestyle to the home, hotel, or commercial property. Swimming pool entertaining areas are ways to enhance your backyard living space. It is important to consider what this pool will be used for and in what ways it will enhance livelihood, just make sure to use the correct retaining walls when installing your pool.

Ideas for Types of Swimming Pool Entertaining Areas 

  • Kid Friendly

For many families, a kid friendly swimming pool is a top priority. Today, sundecks are a popular addition to a custom built swimming pool. This allows a spacious area for wading and shallow water. Adding lounge chairs to the sundeck creates a relaxing spot for anyone to enjoy. The addition of pool slides and diving rocks are also ways to create a kid friendly pool experience. 

  • Poolside Kitchen & Dining Space

Make the most of your time spent outdoors by adding an outdoor dining space poolside. This instantly adds a new outdoor room to enjoy in every season. Custom outdoor kitchens can be created to fit your needs and budget. Anything from bar space, to pizza ovens, stainless steel grills and counter space can be included. An outdoor dining space poolside becomes the perfect way to entertain guests, or enjoy a quiet dinner with family. 

  • Outdoor TV and Lounging Area

A popular trend today is outdoor televisions, the technology has come a long way. Whether it is installed into a wall or over a fireplace, or simply on a stand, an outdoor television adds poolside entertainment. The ability to be able to watch a sporting event, or a movie, while also enjoying a day at the pool is the living the life of luxury!

  • Poolside Cabana

Provide shade and an outdoor room poolside with a cabana. Cabanas can be customized as well to fit a budget or lifestyle. Anything from a retractable folding arm awnings to a small enclosed full cabana is a great idea for swimming pool entertaining area.

  • Poolside Fireplace or Fire Pit 

Adding fire elements to water is the perfect addition to the property. This is also a great investment to be enjoyed during the cooler months. Fireplaces can be customized to complement your home’s existing architecture. Fire pits are the more budget friendly option. Smaller movable fire pit pieces are great addition to a poolside patio. 

Whatever your needs may be, swimming pool entertaining areas can be customized to your personal style and preference. They are a great way to enhance your pool experience and increase your investment. Working with an experienced team of designers will help you to achieve the best swimming pool entertaining areas for your home. 

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