Greg Louganis sells Malibu home with custom diving pool online publication feature

NJ Pool Customizers can Design your Swimming Pool to be Uniquely Yours

August 21st, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Industry News

Olympic diving gold medal winner Greg Louganis recently sold his 34-year-old Malibu home for $1.8 million. The two-storey house has three bedrooms with beautiful floors that were built with unique details, four bathrooms, and a sitting room with a fireplace and a spectacular ocean view. What stands out is the custom swimming pool complete with diving platform that would make NJ pool builders proud. LA Times reporter Neal Leitereg describes how Louganis put his mark on this property. 

The second floor opens onto a large viewing deck and a staircase leading down to the custom-designed swimming pool, spa and platform. Tiles bearing the Olympic rings insignia can be seen on the bottom of the pool.

The El Cajon native, 54, won gold medals in the springboard and platform competitions at the 1984 and 1988 Olympic Games. He returned to the sport in 2012 as a mentor to Olympic hopefuls and is the co-author of the 1995 bestselling autobiography, “Breaking the Surface”

Louganis lived here

Among its stunning qualities, the custom pool is definitely a head-turner. Not only does it pay homage to its owner’s achievements, it elegantly declares his ownership. Celebrity status aside, the home is nonetheless spectacular. It is also a perfect example of how features like a custom pool add value to a property.

Limited by your imagination

So how far can you take your pool design idea? With today’s advanced materials and technology, you can take it as far as your creativity goes. There have been pools built using everything from faux rocks and waterfalls to mood lighting and underwater sound systems. Bear in mind however that many custom features will add to the pool’s cost, so if you want to see your ideas come to life, you’d better be prepared to spend for them.

A pool to call your own

Contrary to popular belief, customizing a swimming pool isn’t painstaking. When working with NJ pool construction experts like Tranquility Pools, Inc., expect the entire process to be smooth and trouble-free from conceptualization to execution. At day’s end, when you slip into the soothing water with your family and friends after a long day at the office, you’ll soon realize that the pool is worth every cent you paid for it.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Greg Louganis sells Malibu home with custom diving pool, 28 July 2014,

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