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Choosing the Pool Features Best for Your Backyard

June 5th, 2017 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Outdoor Living

There is no limit on creativity when it comes to creating the perfect swimming pool, equipped with customized pool features to fit your lifestyle. Over the years, swimming pool designs have been pushing boundaries. Many homeowners today are creating complete outdoor living oases, bringing award winning pools normally found at resorts, to the luxury of their own homes.

When building a swimming pool for your home, there are many pool features to consider incorporating into the design. If a kid friendly pool is the goal, some pool features to consider including would be a diving rock, a slide, or a sun deck where it is safer for little kids to sit and play.  A large sundeck also allows for lounge chairs to be placed in the water for ultimate relaxation space. Just because a pool is kid friendly, it does not need to sacrifice the stylistic or design elements of the overall swimming pool. Choosing the proper tiles, plaster, and materials used in the pool will help to achieve a classic and mature appearance for all to enjoy.

Pool Features to Complement Lifestyles

Incorporating a waterfall feature often serves as the perfect focal point for your backyard. The sound of running water creates a tranquil environment, while also canceling out noise from neighbors or busy roads.  Other popular pool features to consider including would be poolside cabanas, pergola for seating area with shade, outdoor kitchen, and outdoor bar space, as well as poolside fire pit and fireplaces. Everything from the patio space to the surrounding poolside landscaping helps to tie the entire backyard together, and seamlessly blend it fit the style of the home.   

When choosing what overall style for your swimming pool, whether modern or rustic, natural, or geometric, the pool features to consider will vary. Working with a team of architects, designers and engineers will help you to select the ideal features for your design and lifestyle. 

Our team is here to help provide ideas and inspiration on the best pool features to consider when creating your new swimming pool retreat. Let this be the year you bring your dream backyard to life. 

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