Residential luxury pool design

Luxury Pool Design

January 9th, 2018 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool & Spa Design

It is a special and dedicated art form, to develop a luxury pool design. The process is a collaborative effort between the site, the homeowner and the designer. The overall goal is for the luxury swimming pool to fit seamlessly onto the property, while complementing the existing landscape and architecture of the home. There is an expert level of craftsmanship required to achieve a true luxury pool design. 

In today’s industry, the levels of creativity are constantly being pushed. Many homeowners are gravitating away from the standard rectangle cookie cutter pool shape, and instead creating custom luxury inground pools

Different Elements of a Luxury Pool Design 

  • Size:
    • Depends on each property and lot restrictions. Whether a large or small size swimming pool, it can still be considered a high end pool when designed properly. 
  • Materials:
    • Chose from high quality materials. Everything from the plaster, to coping, tiles to patio material should be carefully thought out. From glass tiles to marble patio stones, there are many luxury materials to choose from in this stage. 
  • Type:
    • Whether your style preference is natural, modern, geometric, or free-form, the style you choose is a good base in creating the overall design for the pool. Pools can be mimicked to reflect any style choice the homeowner prefers. 
  • Features:
    • Often times less is more. From sundecks, to slides, diving rocks to hot tubs, the features homeowners choose should be beneficial to the overall luxury pool design. As opposed to causing the design to look cluttered or busy. 
  • Attention to Detail
    • A true test of a well designed pool, is always in the details. From hand laid tiles, to fine edges, to infinity designs, the painstaking details create a true luxury pool design. 
  • Balance:
    • The home, landscape and overall feel to the property should all be in harmony. 
  • Aesthetic:
    • But also functional – a pool should not only be beautiful to look at, but it should serve a purpose that is best for the family and home. 
  • Outdoor Space:
    • A true luxury pool design also delivers an overall creation of a new room. In turn, this creates a new lifestyle for the homeowner. No longer is there a need for summer vacations, when the oasis lives right outside your own door. 

It is important to work with a swimming pool designer that the homeowner feels comfortable with. Collaborating is key, and having a deep understanding of the end result is important. While the design process may take awhile, there are many changes that will come along the way. Being able to work together, client and builder, helps to ensure the end result of the luxury pool design is as expected. Take the time to carefully choose materials and colors that complement the existing home and landscape. The pool should look as though it has always belonged in its space, rather than look like an obstruction to the property. 

Winter is a great time to be planning a new luxury pool design. Take this cold season to plan, so that when warm weather arrives, your home will be ready. We look forward to helping you create the backyard oasis of your dreams. Feel free to contact us this winter. 

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