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Beautiful NJ Pools: Enjoying Their Benefits While Conserving Water

September 18th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool & Spa Design

New Jersey pool owners, take heart: pools do not consume as much water as originally believed, and thus have little negative effect on a community’s water supply.

This was found in analyses made by several water districts in drought-stricken California. While the dismal water supply situation in that state is a far cry from that of New Jersey, where only a few counties are said to have below normal streamflow, it is understandable if some NJ families feel a twang of guilt over having a pool in their backyard.

A report by Matt Evans in the LA Times, however, should put the mind of pool owners everywhere at ease.

Analyses by various water districts, along with scientific studies, conclude that pools and their surrounding hardscapes use about the same amount of water as a lawn of the same size. Over time, pools might even use less water.

Owning a pool is a dream of many homeowners, as a pool is something that offers a family priceless moments of bonding and relaxation. Pools also have many health benefits—swimming, after all, is one of the best exercises to engage in. More than this, just being in the water can help relieve stress and anxiety, and thus enhance mental health, particularly when a pool comes with great landscaping.

Regardless, conserving water is always a good idea, both for its long term benefits and short term ones, like keeping a tight rein on water bills. Owners of pools in NJ can consider the following ideas on conserving water while having a great time around their pools.

Splash Trough

Not only can you create an infinity pool with it, a trough can catch splashes and drain them back to the pool. While traditional troughs are built outside and around the pool, some pool designs incorporate them into the pool wall itself. Make sure to also have a reliable drainage system to recirculate the water.

Pool Covers

Pool covers make a difference even during the worst dry spells. Not only can they keep your pool cool or warm, they can also reduce water loss. Pool covers are commonly made of vinyl, which can last longer under extreme conditions, and some pool covers include ultraviolet inhibitors.


An NJ pool company like Tranquility Pools also offer landscaping services, and for good reason. The sun isn’t the only evaporative power in the scene. Wind can also dry out a pool just as a hairdryer would dry your wet hair. A good landscape design can include strategically placed plants to reduce water-evaporating wind.

(Source: Water agencies are learning pools aren’t a big factor during drought, Los Angeles Times, September 12, 2014)


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