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Best Inground Pools

June 10th, 2016 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool & Spa Design

Summertime is when the competition season begins for best inground pools across the world. APSP and NESPA are two large organizations in the pool industry that hold award shows to honor the best in the business every year. Awards are given for both exceptional design and service to individual pool companies, with a variety of categories in each section. Everything from spas, to commercial pools, water features, to best inground pools are awarded every year. Pool companies across the nation are entering their newest projects in hopes of bringing home a 2016 National or International Pool Award.

What Factors Make Up The Best Inground Pools?

The best projects in the industry all start with the design. Pool designers work closely with their clients to determine the best inground pool that suits both the property as well as personal style preferences. Deciding on what type of inground pool is key: shape, style, and materials are mapped out in the beginning. From rectangular to free form, from naturalist to modern, the planning early on sets the tone for the overall design. Ultimately, creating the perfect pool is a collaborative vision between designer and customer, customizing every detail to each client’s individual needs and creative visions. The best inground pools in the area serve to be more than just a backyard addition, but rather a new lifestyle for the summers.

Tiles, various stones, coping finishes and the colors you want to be incorporated into your yard and for your swimming pool are another big decision that has to be made. While it can seem overwhelming to due to the infinite amount of combinations, this decision can also be a fun part. The tiles or patterns you choose help to bring the feel of the pool to life, add your own personal touch, and the water color will be something that you will admire all season long. The attention is always in the details when it comes to the best inground pools, the award winning ones take time, take careful planning, take a professional design eye, and are executed to perfection.

The swimming pool alone is not enough to win an international award. The swimming pool and the entire backyard need to be tied together with a patio, and the appropriate surrounding landscaping. A patio provides a way to tie everything together to the house, without ruining your grass. It provides the area to allow seating, lounging and entertaining. Landscaping around the swimming pools bring everything to life, with properly chosen plant material, and burst of color appropriate to the design. Bars and outdoor kitchens are popular when looking to turn the project and new pool area into an entire outdoor living space. Being able to cook dinner outside and enjoy a nighttime swim are wonderful family perks to enjoy in the summertime. Projects that incorporate outdoor living, patio space, impressive landscaping, and innovative features are sure to win best inground pools every year.

To view some of Tranquility Pool’s award winning pools please feel free to browse our portfolio. 

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