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Pool Shapes Best for You and Your Property

December 16th, 2015 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool & Spa Design

When you first decide to add a swimming pool to your property, one of the initial decisions to be made is which of the many pool shapes available is best suited for you and your home. There are many factors involved in the pool shape decision process. It is important to choose a pool shape that complements your landscape as well as your home. First and foremost, pool shapes needs to fit properly within the existing property space available. Every town will have different protocol for allotment and permitting and where the pool is allowed to be built, which your landscape architect’s team will help ensure the permits are done properly.

Once the size and area of the property is properly zoned, it is time to narrow in on pool shapes that will best match your overall new pool vision. A large rectangle shaped pool is great for a formal design. A geometric smaller sized pool is a great modern approach. A freeform shape is best for natural pool design. Our team of architects and designers work closely with each client during this initial design process. We want to ensure that the pool shapes chosen will best suit the property and overall design outcome.

Within the pool shape itself, the depth of the water is another important decision to be made. Keeping children in mind, there are certain safety precautions to follow. To allow diving, there are minimum depths to be used. Another important decision with the pool shape is the actual size it will be. We assess the amount of people you would want utilizing it at once, whether it will be used for entertaining, or a smaller more intimate swim spa. You can view a wide variety of pool shapes, sizes and pool styles in our portfolio to get a better understand of the best design for you and your property.

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