Designing Pools in NJ: Tips on Lighting up the Nights by your Poolside

May 22nd, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Industry News

When the sun sets and the shadows of nighttime descends upon The Garden State, does your outdoor pool disappear along with everything else in your backyard? If so, the beauty of your landscaping efforts will be for naught for half of each day – unless of course, you invest in efficient lighting for pools in NJ to keep the centerpiece of your backyard visible and lovely all throughout the night.

Lighting Inside the Pool

Pool lighting has gone through a lot of major changes throughout time – from the old style of having two lights embedded into the pool wall (one in the deep end and one in the shallow end), to today’s pool lighting, which is all about style and energy-efficiency. The dawn of LED light technology has allowed owners to customize their pools with various effects and color combinations, making for a unique visual experience without being too costly to keep on all night.

Creative Designs

One particular style that stands out is to have different colored lights illuminating different areas in the pool, creating a wide array of combinations where two or more hues meet near the center. Some people put the lights right near spouts or water fountains, thus crafting the illusion of streams of water delivering various shades to the pool. Whatever the design, you can always add a personal touch of creativity into your pool, thanks to modern lighting options.

Around the Pool

Here are some tips from HGTV Remodels contributor Peter Walsh regarding lighting around the pool:

“Low-voltage lighting that saves energy and softly lights up your yard is still the best way to enhance your outdoor living spaces. Strategically placed lights that shine into the branches of trees gives them a sculptural quality. Soft but effective light splashing on the pathways leading to your pool, on steps and near your patio, will allow you to safely maneuver around your yard without tripping over things such as planter boxes, shrubs and furniture.”

Call the Pros

When you’re looking to have efficient pool lighting installed, always get in touch with professionals to do it for you. DIY lighting installation is an irrefutably bad idea, since you’ll be dealing with water and electricity – a deadly combination if you don’t work with skill and care. Make sure that a registered electrician looks into the installation before you even consider turning all the lights on.

Companies like Tranquility Pools, Inc. can help you build the outdoor pool of your dreams, and they can even help you keep it the center of attraction in your backyard all night long. Just remember to choose an efficient pool company in NJ to bring your pool to life.

(Source: Pool Lighting Tips, HGTV Remodels)

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