Fun Features Commonly Incorporated when Building Swimming Pools in NJ

May 26th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Industry News

A swimming pool is more than just treated water put in a hole in your backyard – it’s a status symbol, an elegant fixture of a majestic backyard, and a practical way to spend hot summers in New Jersey. These factors are mainly why people, homeowners and contractors alike, choose to incorporate effective and creative NJ swimming pool design into their construction projects.

You too, can bring your pool to life not only by choosing a unique shape for your pool, but also by incorporating some of these features:


Most custom pool designers are looking to put the beauty of nature in their client’s backyard pools, and as a result, waterfalls are among the most commonly sought-after addition. The great part about this fixture is that it serves functional purposes, namely serving as a return mechanism for newly-filtered water, and a source of relaxation both for your eyes and ears.


If you’ve ever been to or seen films about Las Vegas, you’ll notice that one of the most prominent attractions there are The Fountains of Bellagio. Many pool builders today can incorporate spray mechanisms like that right into your home. While such pool sprays might not blast water as high as a hundred feet into the air, their nozzles, which will be installed on your pool’s floor, can get water to bubble up into the surface or turn into a mini-fountain from the depths.


An article written by HGTV Remodel’s contributor Peter Walsh has this to say about installing pool slides:

“If you have kids that would enjoy a water slide then there are plenty of options for slides that will dump them into the water, but beware: A pool slide may seem like great fun when kids are small but they may quickly outgrow the thrill and you’ll end up with a permanent structure that no one uses. Pool designers agree that they are installing fewer slides on pools than they were years ago as they tend to be dangerous when poolside horseplay gets out of hand.”

Diving Boards

What’s the best way to get into a pool? If you’ve answered diving your way in, then you’ll most likely need a diving board to fuel your need for that short burst of adrenaline rush – just make sure that your pool has a deep end, though. You should also choose boards that are sturdy enough to support the weight of its users.

Designing swimming pools in NJ with the features enumerated above can make for an exciting swimming experience with your family and guests. Be sure to talk to leading contractors like Tranquility Pools, Inc. for help as well as to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

(Source: Swimming Pool Specialty Features, HGTV Remodels)

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