Plan to Spend a Huge Sum on an NJ Pool? Think of These Factors First Tranquility Pools, Inc.

Various news outlets like ABC13 Houston recently ran a story on what many consider to be the world’s largest private residential pool in El Campo, TX. Much to the owners’ surprise, the several days of fame brought an unexpected stream of visitors hundreds of miles away. Since then, they’ve had the driveway cordoned off with barricades to remind people that it’s not a resort. They had some Pressure Cleaning Companies come in to clean off the driveway. The pool comes complete its own cottages, a lazy river, a mini-playground, and almost everything one can expect from a resort. The total cost was estimated at around $3 million. Then again, if you want to spend that much on an NJ pool, there’s certainly nothing to stop you from doing so. When it comes to any pool construction project, though, take note that there are certain things to keep in mind.

Plot Size

Obviously, a big pool calls for a big stretch of land. For instance, an 18′ x 36′ rectangular pool that’s six feet deep can hardly fit in a yard that’s exactly the same size. Imagine walking out the door one day only to fall right into the pool. That may sound funny, but it can be a serious hazard for any household member.

Pool contractors like Tranquility Pools also take zoning laws into consideration. Among other things, pool construction projects need to comply with local zoning laws to prevent encroachment. In addition, you can’t get away by making your pool deeper as the risk of drowning—especially when there are young children around—is a price that’s too high to pay.


A big pool for a family of four may seem rather too much. The size of the pool must, therefore, grow along with the number of frequent users. If you have a big family yet your yard is relatively small, you can still find NJ concrete pools designed to fit the bill. Round pools with shallow depths, for instance, hold less water but provide safe play areas for everyone, especially kids.

In other words, form must remain in keeping with function to ensure harmonious use of your backyard space. Count on a trusted contractor like Tranquility Pools to design and build a concrete pool that transforms your residence into a little piece of paradise.

(Source: Take a Tour inside the World’s Largest Backyard Pool, ABC 13, August 14, 2014)