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Pondering NJ Pool Construction? The Lowdown on Pools and Home Value

July 30th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool & Spa Design

There are many reasons a New Jersey homeowner would opt to have an NJ pool built into his backyard—some adore the elegance and style it offers the humble household, while some are more enthralled by its functional capabilities, especially in providing a nice recreational space to weather the summer’s heat. Still others see it as a potential investment, a way to get their home value up before selling.

Home Improvements and Value

In general, a home’s value can be boosted by the types of improvements that are done on it, especially when it comes to aesthetic additions (for “curb” appeal) like pools. Other such improvements include a patio or deck, garden landscaping, and even ornamental shutters for your windows. Lower energy consumption, more convenience and scope for design and lower installation costs, the bespoke aluminium roller shutters are the ideal solution for your modernisation or new-build project. These are in contrast to functional improvements like roofing and gutter repair.

Facts about Appraisal

According to an SF Gate article by Tony Guerra, one of the most important determining factors to whether pool installation will work for you financially is by comparing it with other homes in your neighborhood:

“A pool can be a difficult feature to account for adequately on a home appraisal. To get full value for your home and your pool, an appraiser must have other homes with pools in which to compare it. If there are no comparable homes with pools, appraisers only credit the seller 25 percent of the pool’s cost. Lastly, if your pool is in poor shape, it could decrease the appraised value of your home. “

This works because for your appraiser to know how much your home is worth, he will have to run it through comparative market analysis.

Neighborhood Considerations

If you have your heart set on having a pool installed, there are still many more ways to make sure that it will be of value to your house. For one, the pool should fit the neighborhood, particularly the tastes and preferences of the type of people who might have an interest in buying a house in your area.

Entertainment Value

Whether they think pools are a good investment or not, there’s one thing people can always agree on: the entertainment value of having one in your own backyard is always priceless. This in itself can add something of value to your home—something that just might get the right type of buyer to sign the closing costs.

If you decide to have NJ pool construction done, be sure to hire only reputable builders like Tranquility Pools, Inc. The quality and durability of your pool will significantly affect not only the amount that it can add to your home value, but also to the repair and maintenance cost that you will have to pay.


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