pool features to consider in your design

Pool Features to Consider in Your Design

July 14th, 2016 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Outdoor Living

When building a swimming pool for your home there are many pool features to consider incorporating into the design. After the initial decision has been made to add a swimming pool to your property, the process begins for choosing all the details and additions to the pool design.

If a kid friendly pool is the goal, some pool features to consider including would be a diving rock, a slide, or a sun deck where it is safer for little kids sit and play.  A large sundeck also allows for lounge chairs to be placed in the water for ultimate relaxation space. Pool accessories such as floats, tubes, snorkels goggles, and a big storage bin to keep outside are sure to be a big hit with every child. Just because a pool is kid friendly, it does not need to sacrifice the stylistic or design elements of the overall swimming pool. Choosing the proper tiles, plaster, and materials used in the pool will help to achieve a classic and mature appearance for all to enjoy.

Pool Features to Consider
Kid Friendly swimming pool design with built in sundeck and slide

Other pool features to consider would be the patio space, and what to build on or around the patio. The size of the patio will depend on both the size of the swimming pool and the size that the property will allow. The patio serves as the connection from the home to the pool area, swimming pool landscaping ties the entire backyard together. Intimate seating areas can be built into the patio area, as well as areas for poolside dining or lounging. Often times, outdoor kitchens or fire pits are an additional poolside feature that gets built on or around the patio.

When choosing what overall style for your swimming pool, whether modern or rustic, natural or geometric, the pool features to consider will vary. Working with a team of architects, designers and engineers will help you to pick and choose the ideal features for your design and lifestyle. Feel free to browse our gallery for ideas and inspiration on the best pool features to consider for your new project.

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