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Swimming Pool Construction Details

August 16th, 2016 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool & Spa Design

When it comes to swimming pool construction details, there is no detail too small. Building a swimming pool is a very intricate and elaborate process, where the final product needs to be executed properly to ensure safety and stamina. Every detail is well thought out and pre-determined to make sure the swimming pool is built to code and built to last. Every detail that goes into your swimming pool makes it your own, adding the homeowners personal touch and style, bringing the vision to life.

There are many swimming pool construction details decisions to be made throughout the entire building process. Many of the big decisions are made during the planning and design stage, which customize the pool design to the homeowner. Deciding upon the shape of pool, plaster color, tile selection, coping material, salt water or chlorine, patio material, and position on the property. Additional pool features are details to be determined as well, such as sun decks, slides, umbrella holes, diving rocks, spas and water features. Whether you are creating a modern minimalist pool, an interactive kid-friendly pool, a large commercial swimming pool, or an intimate natural pool, the details help you to achieve the overall goal.

Swimming pool construction details are what give the project personality and individuality. Every step of the way, details are hammered out to perfect the building process. From the initial staking out, to the excavation, to the plumbing and the gunite, there are important details to consider along the way. The better the pool builder the better the execution of every facet, the better the precision in the overall building quality. There are swimming pools that will last longer through weather wear and tear, and ones that will not stand the test of time. A swimming pool is an investment, and homeowners want to be sure the money they are putting into this investment will be taken care of properly. It is vital to work with a designer and company you trust for quality, and not for quantity.

From the initial design, to the final day of building, all swimming pool construction details are a finalized and secured. It is always a gratifying process to see the swimming pool at completion, knowing every element of the design was brought to life to be enjoyed for many decades to come. If you are interested in working with an award winning pool design and build team, we are here and excited to help bring your dream swimming pool to life.


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