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Types of Inground Pools Best for You

March 28th, 2016 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool & Spa Design

When choosing the best pool for your home and family, it is important to know there are many types of inground pools to choose from and many variables involved in the decision making process. An easier way to start breaking down the decision making process, is to start with the main categories: Liner, shape, water type, budget and add-ons.

Types of Inground Pools – Main Categories

Liner: As swimming pool professionals, our company only installs gunite inground pools. We believe gunite to be the safest and most cost effective way to build a swimming pool. While vinyl or fiberglass liners may save money at first, they will need repairs and maintenance as the years go on and end up becoming more costly. Properly installing a gunite swimming pool will ensure your investment. Gunite is made to withhold harsh elements and decades or wear and tear.

Shape: There are many different shapes to choose from when it comes to types of inground pools. Rectangular, geometric, infinity, kidney, Grecian, L-shape, or free-form. With free-form, the shape design is truly endless and is created to fit any size space of a property.

Water Type: Nowadays, more homeowners are choosing to use saltwater in their swimming pools as opposed to the chlorine. Going chemical-free is a safer alternative for families, children and pets. While the cost is higher intitially, the benefits are much greater and the upkeep becomes less.

Additional Add-ons: There are many additional elements that can be added to any type of inground pools. A diving rock, a built in sun deck, a spa attached to the swimming pool, a slide for children, and a patio surrounding the pool for lounging. Deciding if your new inground pool is going to be used as a kid-friendly one, an entertainment spacious one, or a more intimate small one, will help you to choose the elements you wish to include in your design.

Going through each of these main categories for types of inground pools is a good place to start narrowing down what would work best for your home. Choosing a style that complements your home, your property and landscape is something a talented pool designer or architect is able to help you with. Our licensed architects help you select materials, colors and tiles that will help achieve the ideal swimming pool for your home.

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