Closing custom pool for winter

Closing Pools for Winter and Planning for Springtime

October 24th, 2016 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool Design Blog

This time of year, homeowners across the east coast are closing pools for winter. Homeowners tend to have different preferences over their closing protocols, some will close their pools immediately after Labor Day weekend while others will wait until after those last few warmer October days leave us. Whatever the preference, by November homeowners are closing pools for winter and bracing for the cold weather that follows.

The Importance of Closing Pools for Winter

Whether your swimming pool is above ground or inground, closing pools for winter season is imperative. Whether you close your swimming pool yourself, or have a pool professional assist in the closing, there are certain protocols to follow to ensure proper closure.

Swimming pools need to first be cleaned out of any remaining debris or plant material. The water chemistry is then tested and balanced to make sure no corrosion or buildup occurs during the winter months. Pool water is then drained to the proper fill line below the skimmer mouth to prevent damage. The pump, filter and heater is then drained completely. Skimmer baskets and jet fittings are removed. Once filter hoses and drain lines are completely empty and blocked off, the cover may be put onto the swimming pool. If you have found some kind of problem with drainage, it is high time to fix it as there is enough time untill the next season.

Pool covers prevent damage to the concrete caused by freezing temperatures and prevents the water from freezing or cracking the lining, gunite or tiles. Covers will also prevent debris from trees falling into the water. Many pool companies are involved with the closing pool for winter process to ensure everything is taken care of correctly. This way, once Memorial Day comes around the pool is able to be opened easily and will be ready to be enjoyed right away.

Perfect Time to Start Planning Ahead

Just because the pool is closed for the winter, does not mean everything needs to be put on hold. Homeowners dread the winter months when their property looks bleak and lifeless. However, these winter months are always the ideal time to start planning ahead for springtime. What changes do you want to make to your yard? Is there anything you would like to remove, or anything new you would like to add to the property? Even though many homeowners and business owners are not thinking about planting or building during the wintertime, landscape companies and pool companies are still open. By being ahead of the curve and working on designs and plans during the winter, come springtime you will be first on the list for new projects.

During the winter while all the leaves fall away, the true backbone of your property is visible. This is what makes winter perfect for planning. Whether you are looking for new pool landscaping design, pool additions such as a waterfall or diving rock, or even creating new poolside gardens, winter is your time to plan for it. We know how hard it can be to think about warm weather during the coldest days of winter, but rest assured they always return! Make sure next year is a year you plan ahead and get the most out of your property’s potential.

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