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Dream Pool

June 26th, 2018 | By: Heather Knapp | Pool & Spa Design

The term ‘dream pool’ is used casually and frequently in this industry. What does it mean to each person and what are the factors that make a dream pool a reality? As is the same in every industry, trends continue to evolve and change. Being designers and builders, we are always curious as to what homeowners and business owners consider the ultimate in luxury design, and the most important details to be included in the properties. What are the most important details and factors to you? A dream house with pool and garden, an outdoor kitchen, a waterfall?

Determining What Makes Your Dream Backyard with Pool 

The addition of a swimming pool to a personal property, creates an entirely new experience for a homeowner. It brings a new outdoor living space for a family to enjoy. It brings new life to the summer months, and a way to enhance and add value to a home property. 

For many pool owners, especially on the east coast, a dream backyard with a pool brings vacation to their own home. The need to travel, or join a town pool, or book summer trips, becomes less of a need, when their own oasis is right outside. Investing in a swimming pool, in the long run, saves money from yearly trips and summer vacation plans.

While not only for vacation purposes, a pool becomes a place where you can enhance your daily life. It becomes a personal place to retreat and relax after long days and busy weekends. It becomes the perfect spot to host parties and entertain guests. It even can work as a workout space, to exercise by swimming daily and providing stress relief for the mind and body. All of these elements combined, create the dream backyard with a pool, that so many homeowners on the east coast seek to create. 

What Elements Make a Dream Pool Come True?

Ideally, a dream pool would match your lifestyle. For families with children, a kid-friendly style is best. Including diving rocks, sundecks, and slides can be both aesthetically pleasing and fun for the whole family. Creating an outdoor space that is enjoyed for every age, and family and friends, brings the dream pool to life. A swimming pool becomes an event, a gathering place, and where summer memories are made year after year. 

Depending on your personal taste, a swimming pool would reflect that as well. Modern or rustic, natural or ornate. The elements of dream pool designs is far from limited. Creating beautiful poolside gardens, or outdoor kitchen and fire places, outdoor dining areas, patios, outdoor bars or fire pit seating spaces, are other factors in designing the perfect outdoor pool space. 

If you are looking to create a dream pool, and interested in speaking with a team of professionals, we are here to help. Feel free to browse our portfolio for inspiration or call us today to meet with one of our talented designers. We look forward to bringing your dream pool to life this season. 

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