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Get Quality NJ Pool Landscaping for Country Club-like Luxury at Home

September 25th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Outdoor Living

An almost century-old country club in New Jersey is taking big steps to embrace the modern world and gear up for next year’s summer fun. Shackamaxon Country Club in Scotch Plains has recently begun building a luxurious pool complex to complement its golf course and ballroom, in the hopes of making it a popular choice for special events in Union County.

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Slated to open in the summer of 2015, the expansive pool facility will be an impressive complement to the array of first-class amenities available at Shackamaxon that include a classic A.W. Tillinghast-designed golf course, al fresco and casual dining, a fully stocked pro shop and meeting/banquet facilities that accommodate up to 300 guests.

The centerpiece of the complex will be a resort-style, 25-meter main pool surrounded by a sprawling deck. The pool deck will also boast a separate adult pool with an in-water lounge and waterfall, a swim up/walk up bar for those craving a cool summer cocktail or non-alcoholic smoothie, a spa pool with “pod” seating, a children’s pool with water features, a snack bar/grill and locker rooms.

The project is undoubtedly ambitious and pricey, as club officials also intend to make the facility as welcoming and family-oriented as possible. Homeowners who wish to have the same ambiance with their own pool facilities can look to the Shack’s current project for inspiration.

NJ residents may not have a large golf course or a classy ballroom, but they can have impressive landscaping around their pool to transform their yards into something special. A renowned NJ pool company like Tranquility Pool Inc. that also provides landscaping services can come up with a harmonious design to achieve personalized luxury in a home.

To ensure the best possible outcome, homeowners must work closely with these professionals. For example, they need to express their preferences in the selection of trees and other foliage to be planted around their home. Having a tree surgeon come out and trim your trees can also make your home look better.

Fruit-bearing trees aren’t suited as swimming pool decorations, because they regularly shed leaves, fruits, and flowers, which can get into the pool. Flowers should also be chosen carefully, because many of them, like Wisteria and Sweet Clovers, attract bees. Options become even more limited if the water in the pool contains salt and chlorine, as these can damage most plants.

Likewise, the design of the pool itself is very important because inground pools, like the beautiful NJ concrete pools built by Tranquility, have more landscaping surface than above-ground pools. Homeowners with above-ground pools may have to build an adjacent, elevated deck just to house their pool ornaments. All things considered, however, nothing spells private home luxury more than a wonderfully landscaped inground pool.


(Source: Shackamaxon Country Club in Scotch Plains begins construction on pool complex,, August 26, 2014)

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