Custom infinity pool design

Infinity Pool Designs

November 17th, 2015 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool & Spa Design

A popular trend with swimming pools for homeowners and commercial property owners alike is incorporating infinity pool designs. Infinity pool designs are an attractive and newer construction that many builders and homeowners are gravitating towards. The appeal to this new concept is in the clean look and modern lines, a more dramatic and high end luxury type. Infinity pool designs are impressive however, they don’t come without the cost.

It is a complex construction process though the end result is incredible. Infinity pool designs require a great deal of professional planning and engineering. The extra element of work involved in creating these pools comes with extra cost. Infinity design pools are luxury pools and not always the best match for the client and the location.

There is a science involved with planning for infinity pool designs. There is an analysis done to take into consideration to volume of water involved and needed. There are big troughs needed to catch the water and recirculate it, there is more concrete involved to reinforce the structure and the maintenance becomes a larger issue that with standard inground pools.

For the right client, the right location and the right budget, infinity pool designs can be an impressive and ideal pool for many. With the proper design, engineering, troughs, circulation and energy, infinity pool designs can be high performing and luxury for homeowners. Often times you will see infinity pool designs with hotel resorts, where they are able to handle the high volume and circulation, heating and space required with this type of pool.

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Tranquility Pools is able to design and engineer proper infinity pools and also have installed an infinity pool swim spa, which won an International Gold Award for Design.



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