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Lovely NJ Pools: Enhancing Outdoor Living Spaces with Custom Built-ins

July 8th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Outdoor Living

How do you transform a plain and dull backyard into an outdoor oasis? For starters, you may want to reconsider how the space is used. For instance, you can expand your home’s living space to create more room for recreation and entertainment. An article on SWIMMINGPOOL.COM recommends installing an inground pool that does both.

“An inground pool can transform your backyard. Whatever you envision, building an inground pool gives you the most opportunities to express your creativity and design a poolscape that is completely unique.

Once you decide to build an inground pool, you’ll have a lot of fun and interesting features to consider, and the first of many choices you will make is: Which kind of inground pool should I build?”

The article describes the three main types of inground pools – vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete or gunite. Vinyl and fiberglass pools are both faster to install. However, predesigned vinyl pools may restrict your creativity, while fiberglass pools often come pre-finished and with hefty price tags to boot. In contrast:

“Concrete pools offer the most design flexibility. They can be built in any shape, from traditional to free form, and are able to fit into irregular spaces, if needed. Gunite pools give you the most opportunity to customize your pool design — from fun and functional built-in features to textured pool surfaces. Gunite pools allow for maximum creativity, and typically take about 12 weeks to build.”

Custom-built NJ pools, in other words, improve overall aesthetics and functionality. The creative features can be modelled after resorts, spas, natural wonders, and whatever else floats your boat. To give you some inspiration, here are some custom built-in ideas:

Tweak the standard ladders and steps.

Instead of a basic ladder or steps at the pool’s corners, have your builder create a custom entry. For example, you can have extended tiers or beach entries that can also serve as seating or lounging areas.

Turn the pool into an ultimate relaxation area with in-water furniture.

Underwater benches and loungers can be installed for tanning, reading, or simply relaxing. Hot tubs, tables, and umbrellas or other shades can complement these furniture pieces.

Take pool parties to the next level with a swim-up bar.

NJ inground pool builders like Tranquility Pools, Inc. can help you with the design and construction of a sleek swim-up bar. With built-in counters, matching seats, and ambient lighting, your pool parties can only become legendary.




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