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Pool Design Plans

May 30th, 2018 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool & Spa Design

Summertime on the east coast is pool season. It is time for BBQ’s and celebrations, backyard gatherings and making summertime memories. When it comes to creating a beautiful summertime backyard property for your family to enjoy, it starts with pool design plans. A pool becomes the focal point of a backyard, and a well thought out design enhances the outdoor living space. 

A pool in essence, is the start to creating an entirely new outdoor living space to your home.  The addition of patios, outdoor fire pits, barbecues, bars, kitchens, and televisions, is a popular east coast trend that is expanding each year. The overall design of your swimming is the key factor to consider in planning your backyard.  All these outdoors additions transform your pool design plans to become more than something for swimming, but rather an entire new outdoor room for your family and friends to utilize and enjoy.

Customize Your Swimming Pool Design Plans 

Each client is going to be unique and will have different ideas and desires depending on their own taste, nature of the backyard, and what works best in their lifestyle. The important thing to remember is you have the ability to be creative. Standards in pool design plans and functionality has greatly expanded over the past couple years. When it comes to pool designs and plans, there are new advances in design evolving all the time. Across the North East region, the entire idea of pools has vastly expanded. Rather than a simple, basic pool, homeowners are now opting for more intricate designs, and creating an entire outdoor oasis within the confines of their own backyard. Everything from infinity edges, to glass tiles, to saltwater are what homeowners today are gravitating towards today. With a talented landscape architect, a creative vision, and an experienced installation crew, the possibilities for pool design plans are entirely unlimited.

From being able to control your own backyard right from your smart phone, to creating a pool that is more energy efficient, to being able to have an entire outdoor living space and oasis steps outside of your home, these are all beneficial advances and trends to get on board with this season.

Pool design plans are best handled with a licensed professional. You will want to make sure no details are left unseen, and the process to be a smooth one. Pool designs and plans can be a lengthy process, from permitting to paper, to construction to completion. A project this size should not be rushed. Be patient in the planning process. We always encourage our clients to become hands on in the decision making. It is helpful to work with someone you can connect with who shares your vision. It is a true craft bringing a dream vision in your mind, to be transcribed onto paper. 

If you are interested in pool design plans, or would like to meet with one of our designers for a free consultation, please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to helping you bring your dream backyard to life this summer. 

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