poolside fire features

Poolside Fire Features

February 5th, 2019 | By: Heather Knapp | Outdoor Living

With the ever changing weather we have on the east coast, there is a lot to keep in mind with creating a outdoor space. Having extremely warm months, and drastically cold ones, the need for different features throughout the year vary. From swimming pools in the summer, to fireplaces in the winter, there are many options to consider. When working with clients, we always tell them to keep in mind transitioning your space in each season. Why not combine the two? With poolside fire features, your project evolves through all types of weather. 

With poolside fire features, the combination of fire and water is an elemental design. We find that the two complement one another, adding a layer of interest as well as an eye-catching factor to the backyard. There are different types of poolside fire features that can be incorporated into a design. Fire pits, fireplaces, fire walls, fire orbs, and fire lanterns all work well with swimming pool designs. 

With the addition of a fire pit near pool, the transition from warm days into cooler evenings is made easier. A pool with a fire pit area provides extra warmth for family members or guests, to enjoy seating outdoors and taking in the view. It creates another living space outside. 

Ideas for Poolside Fire Features Designs

Incorporating an outdoor fireplace by pool provides a great seating area, while creating a living room to be enjoyed in the outdoors. With larger custom built in fireplaces, the option to mount an outdoor TV on top is a popular one. Bringing football season outside, in front of the fire, creates the ultimate outdoor entertainment space. Smaller size pool fire pits designs, are another custom option for a smaller budget, while still providing warmth and a new seating area to enjoy.

Recently, we worked on a project that incorporated a pool fireplace right into the swimming pool design. With limited space to build a free standing fireplace, we created a fire feature directly into the pool, that doubled as a poolside fireplace, as well as a waterfall. This brings the fire and water combination as close as can be. We have also built fire walls into swimming pools, adding a smaller, fire like shelf as a backdrop to the pool. You can visit here for photo examples of these projects.

When it comes to poolside fire features, if you can dream it, we can create it. Design and creativity has come a long way, with running gas lines and using materials to create functional and aesthetic pool fireplaces. Adding these features helps warm up your property in the cooler evenings, and winter months that we experience on the east coast. It adds a longevity to your outdoor lifestyle. 

If you are interested in creating a new outdoor space with a pool and fireplace, or if you are looking to create a new poolside fire feature to your existing pool, we are here to help. Use these winter months to plan ahead and get a jump start on spring. We look forward to bringing your backyard oasis to life. 

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