Summer Fun in Your Backyard: Tips on Planning Pool Construction in NJ

May 23rd, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool & Spa Design

With it being the middle of spring now, more and more homeowners in The Garden State are seeing the value of keeping cool throughout the coming months, especially with hotter days looming over the horizon. For many, this means having a quality NJ pool installed. Don’t just go to the nearest pool company for a quote though; there are a few things you should first take into consideration.

Your Options

You have two main options when it comes to pools: inground or above-ground, and each one will have different sets of advantages and disadvantages depending on how and where you want to place them. Above-ground pools, for instance, are great for homes with little backyard space, whereas inground pools make for a durable, permanent installation that have better customization options.

Yard Conditions

According to an article in Better Homes and Gardens (BHG), you should also assess your yard’s condition, particularly its slope, type of soil, and accessibility:

“Pools are easier to build or install when a yard is level, however, new technology makes it possible to install a pool in virtually any yard.

Severe conditions such as steeply sloping lots, rocky soil and limited access require special construction and installation considerations and typcially [sic] add to the overall cost and duration of the project.”

Check Zoning Laws

Apply for a permit before you call on any pool construction contractors. Note that different communities may have varying building codes regarding the construction of swimming pools, so be sure to check in your locality to find out. For one, your project will have to meet certain local standards as to the distance from the pool to your property lines, septic pipes, sewer lines, and wells, among others.

Consider Build Times

Start your project well before the time you want to enjoy your new pool. The same BHG article has this to say as to the typical construction times of an inground pool:

“Anticipate a little dirt in your life during construction of an in-ground pool. Your contractor can estimate a project completion date but remember Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate.

An in-ground pool takes anywhere from three to twelve weeks depending on the complexity of the project.”

When it comes to pool construction for NJ homes, trust only reliable contractors, such as Tranquility Pools, Inc., which could provide you with a high-quality pool that’s built to last. As soon as the construction is finished, your summer vacations in New Jersey can be spent chilling in your very own backyard, no need for costly trips to distant destinations.

(Source: Planning for a Pool,

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