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July 23rd, 2019 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool & Spa Design

Summer time means pool time. With the heat waves we have been experiencing this month, there is nowhere to better beat the heat, than in a pool. Ever wish you could lay out, while still being in the water to cool off? That is what a tanning ledge is for, and often used in today’s pool designs. Forget rafts or tubes that float around and move, a tanning ledge allows a platform with shallow water to sit in and relax while still being in the water. It also provides another level to your design, an elevated feature to impress and entertain and enjoy for all ages.

What is a Tanning Ledge?

Also commonly referred to as a sun ledge, swim out shelves, Baja shelf, tanning shelf, pool ledge, etc. These are shallow platform cut into the granite pool, providing a space for lounging. Many homeowners with young children enjoy these, as a safer place to sit and play in only 1′ of water. We find with our clients that tanning ledges are a popular addition with customizing a swimming pool. They have become a feature gravitated towards more often than ever before. It is possible to add custom umbrella holes into the shelf, as well as water loungers that are made to withstand still water for months at a time. This adds a new fun element of design to consider and customize.

How deep should a tanning ledge be?

While all our pool designs are completely custom, the ideal depth for a tanning ledge would be 12 inches. One foot of water is enough to cool off feet and provide a comfortable depth to sit in, for children too, safely. The pool tanning ledge depth could be adjusted to be deeper, or more shallow, depending on the needs of the family.

When deciding on whether a tanning ledge for swimming pool is best for you, consider the ways you wish to use your custom pool. If having a water section that allows for lounging and children play is the most important, this feature would be more of a priority in your design. Other homeowners would argue having a patio gives plenty of space for tanning by the pool, and would not cut into the shallow end space. If having a spacious shallow end for pool games – like volleyball or pool basketball, a shelf may cut into the space you need.

Depending on your budget, and size of property, would depict your ability to add features to your design. It is important to have an idea from the beginning, on the goal for your pool design. Working with a landscape architect or pool designer, will help to make sure the plans you make are beneficial to your lifestyle.

If you are interested in a new pool design or are looking for more information on a sun shelf, feel free to contact us today. Whether you are looking for a new pool construction project, or a pool renovation, we have a team of professionals here to help. Don’t suffer through another summer heat wave – create your own vacation escape today!

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