Tips and Trends for an In-Ground Pool Landscape Design online publication feature

Landscaping your Pool in NJ? Balance Creativity with Functionality

July 9th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool Design Blog

Do you wish to modify or update the landscape of your pool? lists some tips and trends worth checking out. Although the article addresses contractors, homeowners who wish to install or remodel their own pool can get some inspiration from what it has to say.

“The simple, traditional, rectangular in-ground pool design that many of us grew up with isn’t the norm anymore. People are seeking designs and landscaping to match their lifestyles as well as their imaginations. From modern, geometric designs to fantasy-inspired rock formations and waterfalls, clients are looking for “out of the box” landscape designs that make their backyard dream come true.”

Spectacular pool designs and landscapes are truly lovely to behold. However, savvy homeowners should also consider balancing creativity with functionality. Improve the landscape of your pool in NJ by paying equal attention to aesthetics and function.

Choose, for instance, water and landscape features that transform your backyard into a soothing sanctuary. Relaxing elements like waterfalls, fountains, hot tubs, and built-in seating or outdoor furniture fit the bill. Likewise, low-profile lights as well as underwater lighting can set the mood and also make it safer to swim at night.

You might also want to heed this piece of advice from the same article in relation to storage spaces.

“Accounting for storage in your landscape design is also important. You’ll want to discuss the various options for storing away pool toys such as floats and noodles, pool cleaning supplies, and extra seating for those bigger events like birthday parties. Even the best, most stylish designs can be ruined by a backyard littered with items that should be put away when not in use.”

Think about building a furnished patio or deck, which expands your home’s living spaces. With the right materials and furniture pieces, you can soon have a sophisticated backyard setting that looks like those on this website, where you’ll be proud to entertain guests or have fun lounging around. Additionally, you can install an outdoor kitchen or barbecue island for a superb al fresco dining experience.

Finally, you can add other safety or privacy features to your backyard. Sturdy and sleek fences can be installed around the pool area to keep intruders out and keep children or pets inside. Trees, shrubs, and other greeneries can serve as natural barriers. Trust established builders and designers like Tranquility Pools, Inc. to install these and other features for beautifully landscaped NJ concrete pools.


(Source: Tips and Trends for an In-Ground Pool Landscape Design,, April 23, 2014)

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