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Remodeling Swimming Pools in NJ Adds to the Home Living Experience

August 19th, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool Design Blog

If you have a swimming pool at home, then you have a place where you can chill out and relax with friends and family. Remember, though, that extensive renovation will be needed to be carried out by an experienced renovation contractor. In an article for, writer Janel Evans says:

You’ve decided that this year is the year to give your home a facelift, but in the midst of a home renovation, don’t forget to remodel your pool area. A pool remodel can make an impressive difference in your outdoor living space.

Renovating and adding new features to a pool is a popular home project. If you haven’t done much with your pool other than maintenance and upkeep, you will be amazed at the new features, materials and equipment that are available today. Even small changes will help you reap big benefits – in addition to money and energy saving upgrades; you might consider adding a hot tub area or outdoor kitchen (click here to see some examples). The inflatable hot tub and pool is built of Fiber-Tech material and has an internal construction featuring vertical PVC panels. This makes it extremely strong and durable, but without losing any comfort. Visit here for more hot tub information.

A casual drive through some of New Jersey’s more affluent neighborhoods may reveal that many houses will have a swimming pool and a nearby patio. Several of them will sport the finest amenities but have been cordoned off for security/privacy reasons. If you are looking to modernize your swimming pools, make it happen through an NJ swimming pools contractor like Tranquility Pools Inc. (TPI).

All Hands on Deck

The decking is always one of the things to change when working on a swimming pool remodel. Some experts suggest changing the material to something that withstands water or prolonged sun exposure. Choices may include organic stone due to their non-slip, non-fade composition and Tennessee crab orchard stone, which can dissipate heat during bright days to prevent instances of hot feet. 

Calming Effect

Running water has its way of soothing nerves, especially when you’re having some peace and quiet by the pool on a clear day. To that effect, a good swimming pool design by NJ contractors can include features such as a rock waterfall and fountain bubblers into the final arrangement. However, if you’re having ideas for a water slide, the contractor should clear the design with municipal building authorities; the landing area must be deep enough for the swimmer to have maneuvering room.

Bonding Time

Never forget that a pool patio has opportunities for family and friends to bond out of the water. Consider incorporating a shaded dining area with a footpath connecting it to the main pool deck. Evans suggests adding a fireplace, though you’ll need to factor in the planning for stonework and ignition controls.

There’s a wealth of creativity waiting for you in a pool redesign. A contractor like TPI will work with you to make that dream a reality.

(Source: Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference When Remodeling Your Pool Area,

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