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Swimming Pool Planning During the Winter

December 6th, 2017 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Pool Design Blog

Across the east coast, homeowners are preparing for the winter season. This time of year is spent indoors, keeping warm. The idea of pool plans during the winter months are normally for destination vacations. However, the best advice we can give homeowners is this: use the winter to plan. Turn your backyard into your own destination vacation spot by lending the pool with the aesthetics of some outdoor landscaping, & also by using this downtime to plan ahead. Winter is the perfect time for swimming pool planning. 

For homeowners who would like custom swimming pools in 2018, this winter is the season to plan for it. In order to have a new pool ready by Memorial Day, the swimming pool planning needs to begin months earlier. Often, homeowners wait until the first warm days of spring to think about swimming pools, and at that point, starting the process is late in the game. For many pool companies and swimming pool builders in this area, schedules book up fast and months in advance. Beat the rush by planning ahead, especially during this time of year when things are slower paced. This will help to guarantee a more realistic completion date.

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Swimming pool designs and plans can take months. There are many permits needed and site visits required to begin the swimming pool planning process. Many towns will have weeks to wait to begin any work. Working with a landscape designer or architect is helpful during this time. They will take care of the permit process and timeline of the project. They are there to guide you through the decision making as well as supervising during every step of the construction process. 

Use these cold winter months as a creative advantage to picture what you want your property to look like come summer. When you look outside your back windows, what do you envision being there? Depending on the size of the space, and the budget to spend, a new outdoor space can be created. Lot restrictions will determine residential swimming pool dimensions, as well as additional features such as patios, spas, or outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and bars. There are a ton of factors to consider including into your pool plans.

Swimming Pool Planning – Ideas to Consider

  • Style of swimming pool: modern, luxury, natural
  • Shape of swimming pool: geometric, freeform
  • Materials to use: tiles, plaster, coping, patio
  • Colors and aesthetic of pool design
  • Budget to work within for overall project
  • Safety measures needed: gates, fences, ropes
  • Pool Additions: diving rocks, slides, sundecks, spa, jets
  • Use of space: privacy, family, kid-friendly, entertaining

As is true with most things, careful planning makes perfect. Taking the time to properly plan helps to eliminate errors. Planning for swimming pool takes time. Collaborating with a designer will help to create pool plans that best match your lifestyle and taste. Clients who take the time to plan ahead are the most satisfied during the construction process. Spend this winter creating the backyard space of your dreams. Being involved every step of the way becomes rewarding, as you are watching your plan come to life. 

For additional information on swimming pool planning, or for information on closing your pool for winter, feel free to contact us. 

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