Still Vexed Thanks to Winter? Cool Off in an NJ Pool and Feel Better Tranquility Pools, Inc.

Still Vexed Thanks to Winter? Cool Off in an NJ Pool and Feel Better


Being at the tip of the most powerful spear in the world is never easy. Someone like President Obama has to deal with critics and opposing forces both within and without the country’s borders. While practically all heads of state are no strangers to stress, it’s a different story when you’re head of a power bloc. As such, it’s not entirely surprising when reports say the president has come down with cabin fever.

While not technically a disease, cabin fever refers to discomfort and irritability as a side effect of being holed up inside one place for a long time (i.e. The White House). The only cure for this is to get out more often, which Obama did in late May (and put the Secret Service on edge). As of this writing, however, he has sought greener and warmer pastures (albeit temporarily) in Palm Springs, CA.

The visit to the desert resort area of Palm Springs is one of the ways Obama has been trying to escape during his sixth year cloistered in the White House.

“I think frankly we’ve all been through a cold and bitter winter and the bear has cabin fever,” said Obama friend and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett. “His cabin is a little bit bigger and harder to escape than most.”

While he’s at it, he may want to take a dip in the pool to relieve himself of cabin fever. What’s a world-class resort, anyway, without a pool?

These things aside, a nationwide Ipsos survey found out that more than a third of Americans found a quick dip in the pool to be a potent cure for cabin fever. Although the survey makes no distinction between indoor and outdoor pools, the important thing is that pool users get to soothe their overwrought nerves and overcome stress. A cool NJ pool in your backyard can also help you beat the heat this season.

Quality pool design and construction ensures that you comply with all local zoning codes and allows you to steer clear of headaches like costly repair bills and accidents. When it comes to NJ pool construction services, be sure to choose a reputable firm like Tranquility Pools, Inc.


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Proper Landscaping around NJ Pools: Beating the Sizzling Summer Heat Tranquility Pools, Inc.

Proper Landscaping around NJ Pools: Beating the Sizzling Summer Heat


Most people normally turn up the air conditioner to cope with the summer heat. Independent environmental news publication Greener Ideal, on the other hand, says that shouldn’t always be the case, especially when one can take a quick swim in one’s own backyard pool. It’s even preferable if the swimming pool has some excellent landscaping surrounding it:

“If there isn’t a lot of natural shade around your house, you’re letting a lot of direct sunlight beat at your windows and roof during the hottest times of the day. Trees, especially planted on the southern and western sides of your house, will provide a great deal of natural shade. As a bonus, the trees are also good for the environment, offsetting some of the carbon emissions running your AC will produce.”

As far as some pool builders are concerned, pool construction and landscaping are treated as separate projects. That’s not the case with a one-stop design and building firm like Tranquility Pools Inc. that works with skilled landscape architects when building NJ pools. With the right landscape design, a backyard pool can blend seamlessly with the rest of the property and make the space infinitely more enticing.

Aside from making the household less reliant on air conditioning to keep cool, beautiful pool landscape design also creates a relaxing atmosphere that makes the heat of the season more bearable. Without the big commercial air conditioning equipment that we used to be stuck with, our eyes can rest on more aesthetically pleasing things. We recently had to have ac installation Santa Rosa come out and hook up our new A/C. Meanwhile, proper pool landscaping enhances the swimming pool’s aesthetic value that then turns the pool into a suitable venue for social gatherings. Finally, with the right layout and combination of natural elements like trees and rocks, professional pool landscaping ensures optimum privacy and long-term enjoyment.

These benefits can only be achieved with careful planning and a great deal of creativity. For this reason, homeowners would do well to choose a reliable NJ pool company like Tranquility Pools Inc. that takes care not only of the actual construction and landscape design but also all permitting requirements. At the end of the day, the swimming pool’s overall design should also meet certain regulations, such as those specified by the New Jersey Public Recreational Bathing Rule concerned with water contamination from plants, animals, and other potential sources. These things only go to show that there’s more to pool landscaping than just providing people a way to cope with the summer heat.


(Source: 5 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat while Staying Green, Greener Ideal, June 16, 2014)

Well-Designed Inground Swimming Pools in NJ Promote Year-round Safety Tranquility Pools, Inc.

Well-Designed Inground Swimming Pools in NJ Promote Year-round Safety


As warm and humid temperatures grip much of New Jersey, people turn to healthy outdoor summer activities to cope with the hot days that lie ahead. While it may be tempting to hike in the hills or take a dip in a swimming pool, Jessica Iannetta of The Star-Ledger reminds the public to make safety a top priority this summer. For example, backyard swimming pools need to be fenced off in order to minimize the risk of drowning, particularly for young children. If you need to resurface your pool visit

That said, building a fence is hardly the only measure households can take to ensure pool safety. It’s also important to take the design of the swimming pool itself into account. After all, aside from drowning and waterborne illnesses, swimming pools also pose electrical hazards and sharp/pointy objects that can inflict wounds. With that in mind, New Jersey homeowners would do well to work with reliable swimming pool builders like Tranquility Pools, Inc. who put great stock in safety when designing inground swimming pools in NJ.

A sound pool design can help prevent injuries or problems that a simple fence can’t possibly protect against. Case in point: lighting fixtures. Many swimming pools have variations in water depth, mainly to build a single swimming pool design that caters to children and adults alike. Yet without visual cues to help them out, swimmers can’t always tell if they’re already swimming beyond their depth.

Short of planting warning signs in the pool, the designer can install pool lights that illuminate the floor. In any case, the glare quality of the lights should be considered as they can be too bright for the swimmers to handle. Aside from providing added safety, pool lights can also improve comfort and help promote a better swimming experience.

This brings up another issue: electricity. The costs that go into lighting up the whole area should be ensured to not let it be used redundantly and let it go underwater. Before installing some lights, make a business electricity price comparison and only then proceed. To ensure the safety of all swimmers, experts suggest that battery-powered appliances and fixtures be installed. While it’s true that cord-connected devices are reliable, they are also likely to pose a grounding hazard should they sustain damage. If the homeowner insists on using an integrated electrical system, the pool should be inspected for compliance with the National Electrical Code.

Luckily, a one-stop pool design and build firm like Tranquility Pools treats this as a standard operating procedure whenever they’re called to build NJ swimming pools. Whether in the summer or at any time of the year, it pays to have these pool safety measures installed.


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